2017 Har-Ber Meadows Summer Update

We hope everyone is having a great summer and enjoying all the amenities that we have here in our neighborhood. The fireworks show this year was the best yet!

This post is the first informational update of what we envision to be a regular feature on the Har-ber Meadows official site. Please stay tuned for more content coming soon!

Tree trimming

Har-ber Meadows is known for its colorful trees! We had all the street and common area trees in the neighborhood trimmed this past winter. This was done for street safety and to allow people to be able to walk on the sidewalks without having to duck under and around limbs. We are asking each of you to take a moment and remove the sucker limbs that have sprouted from these trimmed trees and to remove any limbs on street trees that might have grown and become a danger or nuisance for walkers and street traffic. Please take time to address this. It will only take a few moments of your time. We have a beautiful neighborhood with lots of trees-please help us keep the trees trimmed and in good shape. We thank you for doing this and your neighbors will be appreciative as well.

ARC Applications

Please remember if you are making any changes to your home/property; you need to fill out an ARC application (you can find the application here on the website) and have it approved by the ARC committee. The ARC committee meets on the 2nd and 4th Monday each month at the pool house at 5:30 pm.

New Board Members

Please congratulate our newest board members, Rob Lyall, Ed Franzke, and Scot Jeffus on being selected by you to serve on the Har-ber board. Rob stark was also re-elected to the board. Thanks to each of you for your willingness to serve your community.

Green space Parking/Tow Service

We continue to have some folks who park on POA greenspace. This is against the Har-ber Meadows covenants. We continue to receive complaints about this from other residents.  A tow service has been contracted to remove the vehicles that are found to be parked on any Har-ber Meadows green space. The name and phone number for the Towing service is A&E Towing W-479-751-3830 or Cell 479-435-0339 (Edgar is the contact). The towing service will be charging the owners of the vehicles for towing and release of the vehicles. Please don’t park on the green space in our neighborhood.

Har-ber Fishing

We are blessed to have really good fishing in the Har-ber lakes. Many of our kids and adult residents enjoy this amenity daily. Please remember to wear your neighborhood fishing permit when enjoying the fishing. This is important because we are having some people from outside the neighborhood who are coming in to fish the lakes. The lakes and the fish are managed for the enjoyment of Har-ber Meadows residents. We have asked our police officers to start issuing trespass/theft of property citations for anyone who is determined to be fishing our lakes without being accompanied by a permitted resident. If you see someone that you think is fishing our lakes without a resident with a permit-Please call the non emergency police number 479-751-4542 and tell the officers the particulars of what you are seeing. Do not confront the trespassers, leave that to the police.

Street Parking

Neighbors, please try to limit street parking by your homes. We have narrow streets and the emergency vehicles have a hard time navigating.  Please use your garages and driveways as the first options. This is a safety issue for all of the community.

Street safety

We have lots of young kids here in Har-ber Meadows. Please be alert and follow the speed limits. Also if you have young drivers; please give them the same guidance about driving safely in the neighborhood. The last thing that any of us want is to have a child run over.


Please make sure your garages and homes are secured. While theft is not a huge issue in the neighborhood we need to help protect ourselves. This will lessen the opportunity for thieves. Our officers tell us this almost every month—so just a friendly reminder.


Again we hope each of you are having a great summer and enjoying the Har-ber Meadows’ Life. Until next time…


Best Regards,
Your Har-ber Meadows POA Board

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