Tree Trimming to Begin October 23, 2016

The POA has entered into a contract to trim all residential street trees (those within the street right of way between the sidewalk and curb).   The work will begin October 23, 2016.

If you choose to do the work yourself on street trees adjacent to your property, you must complete the work by October 23, 2016, using the following guidelines:

                  “Limbs and suckers that are attached to the trunk below eye level (about 5’ high) shall be removed.  Any perimeter limb that is lower than 7’ above ground at any point shall be removed at the point where that limb joins the main trunk or a major limb that is at least 5” in caliper.  All downward growing limbs shall be cut back to a major limb or trunk if that cutting point can be reached from the ground with a saw, topper, clipper, etc.  Small trees shall be trimmed so that the trunk represents about 40% of the tree height and the canopy represents 60%.  Multiple sprouts from a previously cut tree shall be removed to leave one main trunk.”

Your tree trimmings and limbs can be placed in the Contractor’s dumpster located on the pool house parking lot.

This trimming will improve the appearance of the neighborhood and present a clean, uniform appearance throughout.    Pedestrians will not have limbs in their faces and there will not be so much damage from big trucks.  It should eliminate the need to trim street trees again for several years.

For further information, please email or call (479) 856-2285.

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