September 2013 Minutes

Har-Ber Meadows POA Board Meeting

September 23, 2013

Board Members in attendance were: Rob Frits, Rob Stark, Nancy Brown, Jerry Martin, Ralph Gresham, Judy Hammond, and Hope Feiner.

Board Members absent: Tommy Hensen, Glenn Jones and Jamey Smithson.

Also in attendance were Alicia Hines, Treasurer; and John Duke, Property Manager.

The meeting was called to order at 6:35 p.m. by Vice-President, Rob Stark.

Declaration of Quorum: Vice-President Rob Stark presiding until Rob Frits arrived later.

Resident Concerns: none

However, Carol Crumpacker was present for a brief, general discussion of the development of Crumpacker Park. She agreed that her parents and Harvey and Bernice Jones liked water features. Jerry Martin also suggested our idea for playground equipment for children and showed her pictures of several ideas. Memorial plaques and nice park signs were also mentioned.

Secretary’s Report: presented by Nancy Brown. The August 2013 minutes were previously emailed to board members for their review prior to tonight’s meeting. Hope Feiner moved, seconded by Jerry Martin to approve the minutes. The motion passed 6-0.

Treasurer’s Report: presented by Alicia Hines. The balance sheet and income statement were previously emailed to board members for their review prior to this evening’s meeting. Alicia also emailed the following explanatory email with those reports.

Board members,

I have the August financial attached that I have already submitted to the
finance committee. The following are items of interest.

Balance Sheet:
The picnic tables and the benches show up as an increase under the
account of Cost – Equipment. Those items have been deducted under the Cash
– capital expenditures.
Accounts Receivable – (currently down from August) – I mailed the
written demand letters certified and have collected $3,639.81. We have also
collected $500 from Ark Support Network after I sent them an invoice for the

Income Statement:
The Miscellaneous Revenue is the $500 for the park bench and $338 from
Anita Parisi.
All contracts are on budget as are depreciation and insurance.
The miscellaneous expenses consist of Rob Fritz of $960.13 for the TV
and $500 for the band at the park.
Postage was for sending the certified collection letters. There were
more mailed that will show up in September.
Maintenance expenses are high like last month as that is where the
second $4250 payment for the bridge painting is posted. It also includes
$875 for Dale Creamer. All Around had additional charges of $2010.61 for
the three repairs they did. Krystal Klear had to install a new flow meter.
Ray Presley plumbing was $91.10 for the toilet in the women’s restroom. I
also put the $527.95 for the bike rack under maint supplies.
The telephone account includes the Cox cable. I had the AT&T line shut
Water was high as we previous have had conversations concerning it.
The electric was what we expected for summer.

I think that sums up the month.

Let me know if you have questions.


Alicia further added that she made some handwritten changes for further explanation of some questions by the finance committee. Jerry Martin stated he needed further explanation of ‘designated and undesignated’ items. They both will meet for more explanation. Alicia stated she thinks the Financial Committee needs to have more board members. The item is tabled for now.

Property Manager’s Report: presented by John Duke.

  1. Brick Maintenance
    • Warren Wheat lives in Har-Ber Meadows and owns his own commercial construction company. He and I have met and inspected the affected areas. He took his brick mason by each location the week of 7/15. Warren will have his bid complete the week of 9/23. He called and apologized for the delay and will get it t us this week.
  2. Crumpacker Park Memorial Discussion – John Duke will get a drawing of the park and discuss this with Carol Crumpacker.
    • Carol Crumpacker is looking into a water feature for the area. She is interested in either a water feature or playground. She wants to first determine the cost of the water feature before suggesting a memorial to the Board. I spoke with her on 8/18 and she has recently inquired about the costs of the new water feature installed at the Schmieding Center in Springdale.
    • Potential Recommendation for Crumpacker Park Discussion:
  1. Miracle 718-S082J Playground
  2. Trees around playground
  • Two park benches
  1. Cast metal memorial plaque mounted on a concrete pedestal


  1. Founder’s Park Year Around Lighting Discussion
    • Get Lit (Handout at Meeting) – new handouts passed out at this meeting with updated pricing. Year round lighting in Founder’s Park would have only one installation charge. Spotlights may require an extra power source. Rob Frits added that any additional lighting needs to be up off the ground and not in the arbors. This handout is attached to these minutes.
    • Lighting Masters – a bid is also coming from this company.
    • Scott’s Lawn Service toured the area and considered bidding the project but decided to pass. They only do Christmas lighting.


  1. Christmas Light Installation – 2013 – There is a discount yet to be determined from Get Lit if we install by 11-1-13.
    • Discuss a date to have Christmas Lights installed.
  2. New bridge planks need sealing.
    • Complete


  1. Paver Repair
    • 571 Founder’s Park East
  • 637 Founder’s Park East
  • 673 Founder’s Park East
    • 729 Founder’s Park East
    • 741 Founder’s Park East and Sidewalk across street in Park area
  1. Rodriguez Landscaping – $450
    1. He will not return phone calls or texts.
  2. All Around Landscaping – $6,080 plus tax
  • B & A Property Maintenance – $1,672.50 plus tax

These need to be fixed due to the liability issue, Nancy Brown moved, seconded by Hope Feiner to hire B&A Property Maintenance to repair the pavers at the above addresses. The motion passed 7-0.


  1. Ross Park Signs
    • $1,624 – 2 Routed, sandblasted, and painted redwood signs.
    • Signs have been ordered and should be installed the week of 9/23.
  2. Repairs/Maintenance
    • The children’s pool will be drained after closing (9/22) for the season to replace the remaining missing tiles.
    • New sign that resembles the “no fishing” signs has been ordered and will be installed at the Disc Golf Course.
    • Double door lock in the pool room has been repaired.
    • Replaced fluid master and flapper in women’s restroom.
    • Both Founder’s Park signs have been repainted.
    • The City has installed a one way/right turn only sign exiting the pool house parking lot.
  3. Advertising Requests – Rob Stark suggested that we just maintain whatever we have been doing through the end of the year, at which time, there will be a new website coming.
    • Rib Crib – Waiting for artwork.
    • Tropical Smoothie – Waiting for artwork
    • Athlete Plus Physical Therapy – Waiting for artwork
  4. Har-Ber Meadows Swim Team
    • Rope anchors and target installation. (Handout at meeting) – Hope Feiner moved, seconded by Judy Hammond to have Krystal Klear Pools to install rope anchors and paint “T” on the pool walls at the end of each swim lane, for $2313.30 including tax. The motion passed 7-0.
  5. Resident Street Tree Discussion
    • Trimming twice per year
  1. All Around has bid $26, 540 to trim all Resident Street Trees. (See Attached)
  2. B & A Property Maintenance has bid $6,000 to trim all Resident Street Trees. (See Attached)
  • Dale Creamer has bid $2,500 to trim all Resident street trees plus interior Common Area trees not covered by the All Around Maintenance Contract.
    • All Around Contract Dead Tree Removal
  1. The current Lawn Maintenance Contract only addresses removing common area street trees that are dead or that have been damaged by storms. The contract does not apply to resident trees or interior common area trees.


  1. Bridge Railing Maintenance
    • The bridges on Founder’s Park and Coyote Crossing are on the list to be painted by the City.
  2. Geese/Duck Discussion
    • Geese: The geese have not been seen at the newly sodded areas. The Rejex-it Goose Repellant has not been used.       Will continue to monitor the situation.
    • Ducks: They are getting into the pool at night and early morning.
  1. McCutheon Welding has used expanded metal with self-tapping screws as a solution in the past. The powder coated metal would cost $2,960.

Committee Reports:

ARC: presented by Judy Hammond.

  • The committee will meet the second and fourth Mondays of each month.
  • The committee approved a pool for construction on Allie Francis.
  • Several residents have stained/painted their fences without submitting the required application for approval. John Duke will send an email blast notifying residents for the need for the application to the ARC before anything may be done to the exterior of the home.

Security and Neighborhood Watch: reported by Officer Scott.

  • He has been moving the areas where he has been running radar.
  • Stopped people from turning left when exiting the pool parking lot. A directional traffic sign has been placed at the exit.
  • There have been no reports of criminal mischief.
  • Ralph Gresham added that the fire department has complained about the street parking in front of the Arkansas Support Network.


Lake Report: present by Ralph Gresham.

  • Lakes are in good shape. The rain last Wednesday helped. He has reduced the well pump running time which adds water to the lakes, but has kept the pump running which affects the water falls due to resident request.
  • John Duke is to get bids for a ‘bubbler’ and fountains for the lakes on the west side of HBM.

Landscape and Facilities: presented by Judy Hammond.

  • Current plans are to incorporate the plans and guidelines presented in George Kelly’s report ‘HBM Tree Inventory Report – September 21, 2013’ with any new plans.

Yard of the Month: presented by Glenn Jones. – email

  • Congratulations to Jeff and Carol Strassle at 6901 Marguerette as they are the September YOTM winners!

Long Range Planning Committee:

  • 56th Street – update on expansion.- Jerry Martin stated we needed to list a line item for a fence and keep a close eye on the junction box to redirect the water as part of the drainage system.
  • Clubhouse Renovations – on hold

Old Business: none presented.


Voting and Board Authorizations via email: 8-27-13 to 9-22-13 – none


With no further business, the meeting was adjourned at 8:25 p.m..



Respectfully submitted this 28th day of October, 2013.






Rob Frits, President




Nancy Brown, Secretary

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