October 2012 Minutes

Har-Ber Meadows POA Board Meeting

October 22, 2012


Board Members in attendance were: Judy Hammond, Nancy Brown, George Kelly, Tommy Hensen, Jerry Martin, Rob Stark, Jamey Smithson, and Glenn Jones.

Absent were: Rob Frits and Ralph Gresham,.

Also in attendance were Alicia Hines, Treasurer; John Duke, Property Manager, Don Rutledge and Tom Jefcoat ARC, and Officer Michael Hendrix, Springdale PD.

Residents in attendance were: Mark Orrick, Bobbye Kelly, and Wes Barris.

The meeting was called to order at 6:30 p.m. by Judy Hammond.

Declaration of Quorum: Vice-President Judy Hammond presiding.

Resident Comments/Concerns:

  • Wes Barris reported repeated speeding in the alley behind Francis Fair by one particular neighbor. There are children frequently playing in backyards along the alley. John Duke responded that he would get the resident’s name from Mr. Barris and try to get compliance of the 5 mph in the alleys, or will contact the city of Springdale, if need be. Rob Stark added that we may need to install children playing signs.
  • Mark Orrick wished to voice a complaint concerning the lack of lawn and landscaping maintenance at 686 Founder’s Park Dr. and that the property is an eyesore. John Duke stated he had contacted the resident several times and that the resident waits until the very end of the notification/warning process to do anything. And then starts all over again neglecting the yard maintenance until the notification process from the board completes another cycle. Officer Michael Hendrix suggested John Duke contact Officer Sisemore, City of Springdale since there is a 7 day enforcement provision which would help speed up the process.

New Business: Winter 2013 Newsletter. Judy Hammond stated that Rob Frits would like information for the newsletter to be enclosed with the POA dues invoices mailed out at the end of 2012. For example, information about the tree situation, covenants, neighborhood safety, etc.

Secretary’s Report: both reports were emailed to board members prior to tonight’s meeting for their review.

  • September 2012 Minutes – presented by Nancy Brown. Tommy Hensen moved to approve the minutes, seconded by Glenn Jones. The motion passed 8-0.
  • Special Board Meeting/Tree Problems 10-9-12 – presented by Judy Hammond. Jerry Martin moved to approve the special meeting minutes, seconded by Tommy Hensen. Then motion passed 8-0.

Treasurer’s Report: presented by Alicia Hines.

The finance committee met on Monday night and reviewed the attached
September financial reports.
Items of interest:
The balance in the Signature bank account is down from last month
due to a property owner “reversing” her credit card payment of $500
including a $25 fee charged to us. I sent the property owner a statement
for the $525 and will take further action if necessary.
The expenses are under budget – utilities are down from previous
month (those bills have been reviewed)
We were down in maintenance – only street lights were repaired.
I paid the CPA for the tax returns for 2010 & 2011 which have been
The Christmas lights that were voted on in September will show up as
1/2 half down in October to order and 1/2 when job is completed.
We are still waiting on the final cleaning bill for the pool
building so we should be almost complete with pool expenses for the year.

The committee approved a budget to present to the board at Monday’s meeting.
The committee is not asking for the budget to be approved at Monday’s
meeting but to take it home and study it – send Rob questions if you have
any and those will be answered. The budget will have a memo sheet attached
explaining the items so each board member has time to process before the
discussions take place in November’s meeting.

Also, I would like to slow down on some of the printing that I do for
meetings so I will email the full financials each month but bring only the
balance sheet and statement of revenues, expenses and changes. We have cut
expenses so I must do my part to be prudent regarding all the printing. I
will printout the agenda and the minutes but will try to use smaller font on
the minutes to save paper.

If you need the full set of financials, let me know and I will print it out
for you.

As always, if you should have any questions before Monday – please let us
know. I am grateful for the finance committee’s leadership (Rob and Jerry)
and appreciate the time they make in their schedules to meet.


The report also included this note from Rob Frits:

Just as a housekeeping items, remember we don’t normally have December meeting due to travel, however last year we didn’t have everything settled up in time to give everyone a break. I would like work toward that this year as we have all done a great job and deserve it. Therefore, if any and all committee heads have items to address, please bring those up at the November meeting.

Rob Stark moved to approve the September financials, seconded by Tommy Hensen. The motion passed 8-0.

Property Manager’s Report:

Management III, LLC Agenda – Jerry Martin commented that the repair on the lake foot bridges looks good.

  1. Walk Bridge Repair

 South bridge repaired

 North bridge repaired


  1. McGill and Dancing Rabbit Improvement – Top soil work is done and sod will be done this week.

 Work in process


  1. Pet Waste Station (Apple Shed Park)

 Work in process


  1. Lawn Maintenance Bids 2013 – 2015; Jerry Martin moved, seconded by Glenn Jones to contract with All Around Landscaping per year for a total of 3 years for $87,290.75 per year. And tree removal of trees 3.99″ – 9.99″ for $150.00 per tree and 10.” and above for $300.00 per tree.
  2. Bridge Railing

 John Duke is getting more bids.


  1. Christmas Lights

 Lights will be installed and turned on Thanksgiving Day. One half has been paid.


  1. Committees

 The website has been updated to reflect current committee membership


  1. Pool House

 Front canopy lights will be added to the timer.


  1. Doris Avenue Sidewalk Bid

 4700 sq ft for sidewalk from Coyote Crossing to Young’s Farm for $14,100.00. John Duke will email another bid from Lupe this week.


Pool House Improvement Discussion: first bid was $15,000.00 for all of the following. John Duke receives a lot of calls from residents concerning these items. John will get more bids.

  • repaint floor with an anti-slip coating
  • wall paint
  • furniture
  • bike rack
  • west fence perimeter shrubbery
  • bathroom countertop laminate
  • trim bathroom mirrors
  • TV jack
  • cabinets


Committee Reports:


ARC: presented by Judy Hammond.

The ARC met October 9, 2013 and approved the following:

  1. The revised plans for the Manning Clinic on Isaac’s Orchard
  2. 5701 Francis Fair Parkway–fencing for back yard

We will not meet on Tuesday, October 23rd. No applications have been submitted.


Security & Neighborhood Watch: present by Tommy Hensen. Michael Hendrix, Springdale CID was also present.



    2.REPORT ON ATTEMPTED KIDNAPPING ON TALL OAKS LOOP. Michael Hendrix stated that there were no witnesses and no license plate number to investigate. The only information was that it was a white truck which is not much to go on.

    Donna Dover, Jerry Rollene, Leila Burkert, Robin Adkins, John Brodbeck, Roy Echols, Linda Rutledge, Kathleen Turner, and Susan Cunningham. They are willing to help but did not volunteer to head the committee.

    CITY. So far they have identified 6 areas that should be considered as ‘no parking zones’.


Lakes Report: presented by Jerry Martin. The lakes are in good shape. We had to temporarily run the well pump a couple of weeks ago.


Landscape and Facilities Report: presented by George Kelly. Maple trees planted at Har-Ber Meadows for less than 3 years should be wrapped ASAP and removed in the Spring. Longer than 3 years probably not necessary. We need to send residents an email blast concerning this and possibly hire Dale Cramer to do the trees along Francis Fair.


Yard of the Month: presented by Glenn Jones.

Congratulations to our October Yard of the Month winners Brian & Kristi Powell, 6163 Allie Francis Trail.

There is a possibility of a special award in December for Christmas.


Long Range Planning Committee: no report.



Voting and Board Authorizations via email: 9-25-12 to 10-21-12

None during this time.


With no further business, Nancy Brown moved, seconded by Jerry Martin to adjourn the meeting. The motion passed 8-0. The meeting was adjourned at 8:00 p.m.

Respectfully submitted this 26th day of November 2012.





Rob Frits, President





Nancy Brown, Secretary









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