March 2014 Minutes

Har-Ber Meadows POA Board Meeting

March 24, 2014

Board Members in attendance were: Rob Frits, Nancy Brown, Rob Stark, Jerry Martin, Judy Hammond, Hope Feiner, Jamey Smithson, Ralph Gresham, Glenn Jones, and Tommy Hensen,.

Board Members absent: none

Also in attendance were Alicia Hines, Treasurer; John Duke, Property Manager, Tom Jefcoat, Judy Hammond, and Matt Baker, ARC.

The meeting was called to order at 6:28 p.m. by President, Rob Frits.

Resident Concerns: Resident Jame Zachary was present to voice her concerns over the conditions of the wood perimeter fence along Jones Road. She stated that her house on Floy Court is ten years old and when her section of the fence blew down she replaced it. She stated that other residents in that area would not maintain their sections until they blew down and insurance would cover them. In the meantime, they are deteriorating and unsightly. She wanted to know what were the thoughts of the POA concerning this issue. John Duke responded that he had a presentation during his portion of the meeting later on this evening that he would address the issue.

Declaration of Quorum: President Rob Frits presiding.

New Business: none

Secretary’s Report: presented by Nancy Brown. The minutes were previously emailed to all members of the board for their review. Judy Hammond moved to approve the February 2014 minutes, seconded by Hope Feiner. The motion passed 10-0.

Treasurer’s Report: presented by Alicia Hines. Alicia emailed the actual reports to board members for their review prior the meeting along with the following comments:

I am attaching the Feb financial reports.

Items of interest:

Collected $50 for special events

Maintenance was mostly street light repair – over $1800.

We are under budget on most items as we know that many cost will catch up with us during the spring and summer.

I am really surprised at how low our water bills have been after those high ones last year.  I really wonder if some of that problem was the water company.

Let me know if you have questions.


Jerry Martin moved to approve the February 2014 financial reports, seconded by Rob Stark. The motion passed 10-0.


Property Manager’s Report: presented by John Duke.


  1. Crumpacker Park Memorial Discussion (Attachment available at Board Meeting)
    • All equipment and signs have been ordered
    • Discussion – Plans for landscaping the existing concrete circle area (plan attached to these minutes: landscape drawing by Tom Jefcoat. Also, possibly need trash receptacles in the area.)


  1. 412/Founder’s entry sign discussion
    • The insurance adjuster informed me that a supplemental check has been placed in the mail the week of 3/17.
    • Work will begin after the supplemental check has been received


  1. Brick discoloration in common areas
    • I have made contact with the City regarding the columns that are in need of repair on the Founder’s Park and Coyote Crossing bridges. We should hear back from Sam Goade any day.
    • Guadalupe Masonry has agreed to honor their original bid even with excluding the bridge columns. (See attached)

Jerry Martin moved to authorize John Duke up to $4000.00 to start with Crumpacker Park columns and continue with John Duke’s discretion, seconded by Ralph Gresham. The motion passed 10-0.


  1. Broken light pole discussion
    • Ireland/Tall Oaks Loop North – Ordered 2/19.       Luminare took longer than normal to ship due to the receptacle addition to the base. – It is still in production.
    • 56th Street/Francis Fair – On hold for 56th street lane additions.

John Duke received an email from Allen Pughs, City of Springdale, concerning the expansion of 56th Street. Rob Frits, John Duke, and Jerry Martin will meet with him and report back to the board.


  1. Pool improvements for 2014?


  1. Music in the Park discussion- John Duke and Judy Hammond will work on this. Probably the same band as last time.
    • Date & time – Will have details at the April meeting.


  1. Easter Egg Hunt – Mandy Baker will organize the event. We still have everything purchased from last year when we were ‘rained out’!
    • Saturday, April 20
    • 10:00 A.M.



  1. Tree trimming
    • Dale will begin trimming street trees again as soon as foliage begins
    • All Around started trimming Common Area pine trees 3/19


  1. Jones Road Perimeter Fencing Discussion
    • (See attached) – John Duke stated that there is approximately 1600′ of wood fencing on Jones Road that either needs replacing or repair. At approximately $12.00/foot or $14.-$15. for cedar, that could cost up to $22,000. He found by researching the covenants and the original plats filed with the city that the POA is responsible for the section north of Coyote Crossing to Har-Ber Ave. with a wrap around the corner. The residents own and are responsible for the section south of Coyote Crossing which is 1234′. The south section is the major area needing repair or replacing.

Rob Frits asked John Duke to get bids for the part that is the POA’s responsibility           and pass that options on to the residents that own their fences south of Coyote Crossing. John responded that he would find us a few options.


John added that there is also a bench in Founder’s park that has a back broken out and he will get that fixed.


  1. Scott’s Lime Application
  • Last year we did one lime treatment on June 12 for $1,180.00.  We only did one treatment but we did put it down very heavy.  Lime is a product that works pretty slowly and I am positive it needs it again.  The ph was pretty far off last year.  We prefer to do lime treatments in the early spring or fall.  During this time the grass is not being mowed so the lime is less likely to be taken up by the mower and more likely to reach the soil.  Lime treatments went up $10 from last year, but I can go ahead and put it back to the same price at $1,180.00. Please let me know if you have any questions or concerns. Trent
  • A soil sample was ordered to see if additional lime treatments are needed for 2014. The sample is scheduled to be completed by 3/31.


Committee Reports:

Architectural Review Committee- presented by Tom Jefcoat.

There have been two new constructions under consideration or approval. Matt Baker added that there have been some issues with the use of railroad ties around garden areas. The ARC cannot approve the use of railroad ties as they are prohibited by the Covenants, but they have not strictly enforced this if the garden is already established and in an alley or backyard and is not visible from the front street.

Security and Neighborhood Watch- presented by Jamey Smithson.

  • There was one complaint of a minor riding a mini-bike on the sidewalks.
  • More speeders have been stopped. There is a request to purchase more camera units that look like small utility connection sites. This would hide the camera and it could be moved from unit to unit in high traffic areas.
  • It is requested that an email blast be sent to residents for children to put away their bicycles and not leave them out on the sidewalk where they can be taken.

Lakes-presented by Ralph Gresham.

  • The lakes are currently in great shape with no apparent algae. Carp will need to be added a little later and he will put together a proposal for that.

Landscape and Facilities- presented by Judy Hammond.

  • Area cleanup days will be the second Saturday of each month starting at 8:30 a.m. They will cover a different area each month.
  • The Yard of the Month and the Landscape and Facilities Committee have been combined.

Long Range Planning Committee-

  • 56th Street – Update on Expansion; still on hold.
  • Clubhouse Renovations – still on hold.


Old Business Follow-up:

Annual Meeting- John Duke will continue to solicit people to help.

Decline in the care and appearance of property in HBM- Ralph Gresham stated that we need to find a way to motivate people to take care of their property and landscaping. Nancy Brown added that we may have to start applying penalties per the covenants when property and landscaping are left to deteriorate. Rob Frits stated he will invite Donnie Rutledge to the next meeting for his opinion. and possibly to get the process planned.


Voting and Board Authorizations via email: 2-25-14 to 3-24-14 (none)

With no further business, the meeting was adjourned at 7:58 p.m..



Respectfully submitted this 28th day of April, 2014.






Rob Frits, President




Nancy Brown, Secretary

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