March 2013 Minutes

Har-Ber Meadows POA Board Meeting

March 25, 2013

Board Members in attendance were: Rob Frits, Judy Hammond, Nancy Brown, Tommy Hensen, Jerry Martin, Rob Stark, Ralph Gresham, and Jamey Smithson.

Board Member absent: Glenn Jones.

Also in attendance were Alicia Hines, Treasurer; John Duke, Property Manager, and Matt Baker, ARC.

The meeting was called to order at 6:30 p.m. by President, Rob Frits.

Declaration of Quorum: President Rob Frits presiding.

New Police Officers: Officer Jones and Officer Scott were presented to the POA board. They are with the Springdale Police Department and will be working off-duty extra hours as security in HBM. They started last Wednesday and will be working varied hours. They stated that we will be seeing more of them and have already been checking parking problems and illegal fishing in the lakes.

Resident Comments/Concerns:

Patrick Tenney – IRWP – watershed gardening and rain gardens. There was a short presentation about the benefits of setting up a watershed and rain gardens as a landscape feature to conserve and improve the quality of water. Urban areas result in more water runoff when it rains and end up in the Illinois River. Establishing a rain garden as a landscape feature catches rain from impervious surfaces and maintains it in the garden area for several days providing more moisture to plants. They would be happy to help anyone interested in installing one. The cost averages around $1200.00 for a 300-400 square foot area.

New Business:

Swim team discussion: We need at least a minimum of 30 HBM resident children to participate. Steve Lisle and Anita would like the hours of 9-11 a.m. while the POA board would like the hours of 8-10 a.m. in order to provide more time to other residents. Jerry Martin suggested that we offer the use of the pool for the swim team for 8 weeks on MWF from 8-10 a.m. Jerry Martin also moved, seconded by Judy Hammond that the pool hours for residents be set M-F from 10a.m. to 9 p.m. and S-S from 9 a.m. to 9 p.m. The motion passed 8-1.

Easter Egg Hunt: scheduled for next Saturday, March 31, 2013 at 10:00 a.m. Each child is to bring 1 dozen eggs to be hidden. Jerry Martin moved, seconded by Ralph Gresham to authorized $500.00 to purchase prizes and any other costs. The motion passed 8-0.

Secretary’s Report: presented by Nancy Brown. The minutes had previously been emailed to all board members for their review prior to this meeting. Judy Hammond moved, seconded by Rob Stark to approve the February 2013 minutes. The motion passed 8-0.

Treasurer’s Report: presented by Alicia Hines. The following report was emailed prior to this meeting to board members for their review.

The finance committee reviewed the February financials which are attached.


The following information is to be noted:


The park benches in the amount of $1,410.42 were paid out of the designated capital funds so you will see a reduction in the Checking-Arvest designated amount which originally was $25,000. The benches were recorded in the Fixed Assets under “land improvements”. There is also an adjustment made under the members equity to recognize the spent amount as a reduction in designated – capital items.


As of Feb 28, the accounts receivable was $142,608.46 and it is even less since I have received & deposited funds in March.


On the statement of revenues –

There have been no collections for the voluntary special event fund in February.

The miscellaneous revenue is the advertising on the park bench paid by Founders Park Dentistry. (Thanks to Dr. Rob Stark).

The amount spent for police patrol in February and March have been decreased due to changes in job descriptions and personnel.

The rest of the expenses are just the basic monthly expenses.


Let me know if you have any questions.





Judy Hammond moved, seconded by Nancy Brown to approve the February 2013 Financials. The motion passed 8-0.


Property Manager’s Report: presented by John Duke.

  1. Sidewalk Installation Update
  • 475 feet of sidewalk
  1. Lupe Garcia @ #3.00/sf=$5,700; but he is not returning any phone calls
  2. Rouse CH @$3.25/sf=$6,175; this is still below the $9,000. authorized so John will go with Rouse
  • 2(4’x6′)park bench pads

i Lupe Garcia @ $3.00/sf=$144.

  1. Rouse CH @$3.25/sf=$156.
  • Back fill and haul off
  1. All Around @$1.55/sf=$736.25
  • Lupe Garcia Total-$6,580.25
  • Rouse CH Total-$7,067.25
  1. Lawn Fertilization and Weed Control (map for requested additional areas is attached to these minutes.

$100.00 additional per application ($600.00)

Jerry Martin moved, seconded by Ralph Gresham. that we spend $300.00 for just the weed control. The motion passed 8-0.


  1. Security Padlock at Pool House Exterior Door-(bid from Sharp’s Lock and Alarm is attached).


Tommy Hensen moved, seconded by Jamey Smithson to purchase one with a time stamp for $912.95. The motion passed 8-0.


  1. Bridge Railing Maintenance:

Har-Ber owned bridges-still waiting on bids from CertaPro, Geels, and Metro.

The bridges on Founder’s Park and Coyote Crossing are on the list to be painted by the city.


  1. Year Around Lights
    • Year Around Lighting for Crumbpacker Park Pavilion, Founder’s Park, and Pool House Discussion: following is an email sent to John Duke from Git Lit.
      1. Get Lit – John, based on last year’s quote, the cost to install and take down the lights would be $540 for the Pavilion and $668 for the pool house, for a total of $1208. To just install them would be 75% of that cost, so $906. The warranty for permanent installation is 1 year. Since they’ve already been up a season, we’ll say the warranty expires 10 months from whenever we reinstall them. After that, we can do an annual service contract that includes unlimited service calls and replacement parts for $.50 per foot, so that would come out to $302 per year. – After discussion, this was tabled until we got closer to Christmas.


  • Endeavor Foundation meeting discussion – It was decided to postpone this until they decide to renew their lease next year.


  1. Wireless Internet Discussion – Pool House

Internet Service Only
Level 1 5/1      79.95

Level 2 10/2    124.95 – Judy Hammond moved that we install this level of                                                             internet, seconded by Rob Stark. The motion passed 6-2.

Level 3 15/3    199.95

Installation      69.95

Modem           49.95


If bundled with TV

Level 1 5/1      63.95

Level 2 10/2    99.95

Level 3 15/3    149.95

*1 outlet of TV with HD receiver 77.95 + tax, on sale 1st year for $47.95

Installation      0.00

Modem           0.00


Additional Equipment Estimate – total with tax is $264.07

Apple Airport Extreme Base Station- $179.00 + tax

H-Squared Air Mount                        –           $39.95 + tax

Cat 6 Cable                             –           $25.00 + tax


  1. Crumpacker Park Memorial Discussion – still waiting for response from sponsors.


  1. 4th of July Discussion – contact pyrotechnic, waiting for complete response. The cost would be $2000. without insurance coverage and $7500. with insurance included. He is licensed and does the shows at the Natural’s Baseball Park.


  1. Seed/Straw Bare Areas North of the Pool House Discussion (See Attached bids from All Around and Scotts)
  • Soil Sample findings are due back any day; ph levels are very low; needs multiple applications of lime.


  1. Common Tree Replacement
    • Remaining Spruce trees near 56th street sign will be planted with the additional 30 trees to be planted.
    • 30 common trees approved for planting. The location of these trees need to be identified. (Recommendations per Logan Nursery).
      1. Saw Tooth Oak
      2. Willow Oak
  • Shumard Oak
  1. Fruitless Ash
  2. October Glory Maple
  3. Autumn Blaze Maple


  1. Resident Tree Replacement Discussion – residents are responsible for care and replacement of trees placed between sidewalk and curb in front of home.


  1. Swimming Pool Service Contract (See Attached bid) – same as the last 3 years from Krystal Klear. Judy Hammond moved to approve the contract with Krystal Klear for 2013, seconded by Jamey Smithson. The motion passed 8-0.


  1. Propose Improvements: Ross Park – Tommy Hensen moved that we do the following improvements, seconded by Ralph Gresham. The motion passed 7-1.

Sodding of bare areas:                         $4,884.00

Lime treatment of entire area:             $1,180.00

Top park benches:                              $2000.00

Park sign:                                               $500.00

Total                                                   $8,564.00



  1. No Parking Signs/Speeding/Parking
    1. Discussion – there was a good meeting with city government officials. They did not approve our request for speed bumps, but stated they would help us with the parking problems.


Committee Reports:

Architectural Review: presented by Judy Hammond.

There will be no meeting tomorrow night. The next meeting will be April 9,2013.

Security and Neighborhood Watch:

Jamey Smithson volunteered to chair this committee.

Lakes: presented by Ralph Gresham.

Lakes look good as long as we get rain. Long range forecast is not good. Will check well and pump soon to be sure we are ready.

Landscape and Facilities: no report.

Yard of the Month: no report.


Long Range Planning:

56th Street – There will be a public meeting at new Hope Fellowship Church on April 4,2013 from 11:30-1:30 and 4:30-6:30.


Old Business Follow-up: Rob Frits is to meet with our attorney next Wednesday concerning ongoing legal matters.

Voting and Board Authorizations via email: 2-25-13 to 3-26-13

None during this time.


With no further business, Judy Hammond moved, seconded by Jerry Martin to adjourn the meeting. The motion passed 8-0. The meeting was adjourned at 8:44 p.m..

Respectfully submitted this 22nd day of April 2013.






Rob Frits, President




Nancy Brown, Secretary









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