March 2012 Minutes

Har-Ber Meadows POA Board Meeting

March 26, 2012

Board Members in attendance were: Jason Combs, Nancy Owens, Judy Hammond, George Kelly, Tommy Hensen, Ralph Gresham, Jamey Smithson, Jerry Martin, Clay Galloway, and Rob Frits.

Also in attendance were Alicia Hines, Treasurer; John Duke, Property Manager; and Tom Jefcoat, ARC, and Matt Baker, ARC.

The meeting was called to order at 6:35 p.m. by President Jason Combs.

Declaration of Quorum

Minutes: presented by Nancy Owens. Jerry Martin moved to approve the February 2012 minutes, seconded by Judy Hammond. The motion passed 10-0.

Financials: presented by Alicia Hines.

  • All of Donnie Rutledge’s bills which have been submitted have been paid.
  • We’re currently under budget, but bills will pick up during summer months.
  • The gas bill is high for the winter months in the pool house. It was suggested we turn off the hot water heater during that season.

Jerry Martin moved to accept the March 2012 financials, seconded by Ralph Gresham. The motion passed 10-0.

Ralph Gresham moved to pay the annual total for Scott’s grounds maintenance in order to get the discount even though we missed the deadline. Seconded by Nancy Owens. The Motion passed 7-3.

George Kelly added that he has seen lots of crabgrass and it doesn’t appear that we received any crabgrass pre-emergence. John Duke will call Scott’s concerning this matter.

Resident Concerns: none presented.

Architectural Review Committee Report: presented by Tom Jefcoat.

  • The painted driveway at 847 Clinton Circle has been sandblasted and is supposed to have four feet in width of concrete removed from the driveway in order to comply with the Builder’s Guide.
  • There was an agreement concerning construction at 5670 Dancing Rabbit stipulating that DTS Construction will comply with ARC requests. They have submitted a request for a 10 foot extension of the driveway and a fence. The ARC will meet tomorrow night and take this under consideration. Since the agreement was met between DTS and the POA/ARC, we will just have to wait to see if they will comply.
  • Other ARC business – normal fence approval, pergolas, etc.

Security Committee Report: presented by Tommy Hensen.

  • Tommy reported that most of the problems are vandalism and it is most likely an internal source. And the parents have no idea that their child is a participant. He asked board members to make residents aware of this. If the Neighborhood Watch or residents witness anything, they need to notify the Springdale PD.
  • Tommy also asked the Springdale PD to watch for the 2012 “pink” fishing permits while cruising around the lakes.

Lakes Committee Report: presented by Ralph Gresham.

The lakes are currently in great shape. Due to a warmer than usual Spring, algae will probably start earlier. Ralph will turn on the circulation pump in about two weeks.

Landscape and Facilities Committee Report: present by George Kelly.

  • There is a large open manhole in the field west of the commercial property and south of Young’s Farm Road that needs attention. Picture have been attached to these minutes. John Duke thinks the lot may be in foreclosure and the bank may own it. He will check on it and get in touch with them.
  • The chain at the bottom of the steps leading into the lake on the south end of Isaac’s Orchard Rd. is missing.
  • There is a trash pile on Pruden’s lot on Dancing Rabbit that has not been cleared and continues to grow. John Duke will call Pruden to get it cleared within 10 days.
  • New vines for the arbors in Founder’s Park have been selected. George offered to dig up the old dead vines and plant Crossvine. He will need 8 one gallon containers, each costing $20.00. Ralph Gresham moved to approve up to $200.00 for George to purchase the vines; seconded by Rob Frits. The motion passed 10-0.
  • George also stated that we are losing some of our maple trees due to infestation of the ‘maple bore worm’. He has information that the trees need two annual treatments to prevent this. He also go an estimate of $500.00 to spray/treat every “street tree” in HBM for $500.00. Jason Combs moved that we spend $500.00 for the treatment for the bore worms, seconded by Jamey Smithson. The motion passed 10-0.
  • Baseball field maintenance has not yet been completed. John Duke said this is scheduled for this Friday depending on the weather. And that he has not heard from any of the resident volunteers to organize the field-fixer upper project. He will contact them.
  • The white pines have been planted to screen the solar panels on the Rutledge property.
  • The old golf cart was sold for $50.00.

Property Manager’s Report: presented by John Duke.

  • The fountain in the lake on Elizabeth is not working and he is getting it fixed.
  • West Allie Francis – the city is widening the turning radius in the alleys to accommodate the garbage trucks. They will also be addressing the same need on other alleys in the area.
  • 56th Street Sign Lights – Ozarks Electric started service on March 21st , but the lights are still not bright enough. John will increase wattage on the bulbs.
  • Pool House Phone – John is still seeking the best financial option.
  • Annual Easter Egg Hunt – 4-7-12, still have everything purchased from last year, will send email notice to residents.
  • The Annual POA Meeting with the community is scheduled for 5-21-12. Handouts were passed out as to who is doing what.
  • Pool Contract – John contacted Burton Pools and Seaside Pools for additional bids to Krystal Klears’ . John stated he had called 4 times and has not yet had a response.
  • The irrigation system for the greenspaces is getting ready to start for the season.
  • Fountain lighting – getting a bid from Git Lit.
  • The new High Voltage sign for the recirculation platform will be installed 3-20-12.
  • Lawn Maintenance violation letters will be mailed 3-27-12.
  • Tractor Supply’s recommendation for the trailer and water tank to water newly planted trees on POA property is listed on the website.




With no further business, Nancy Owens moved, seconded by Judy Hammond to adjourn the meeting. The meeting was adjourned at 8:22 p.m.

Respectfully submitted this 23rd day of April 2012.






Jason Combs, President





Nancy Owens, Secretary





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