June 2012 Minutes

Har-Ber Meadows POA Board Meeting

June 25, 2012

Board Members in attendance were: Jason Combs, Nancy Owens, Rob Frits, Judy Hammond, George Kelly, Jamey Smithson, Tommy Hensen, Ralph Gresham, Clay Galloway, and Jerry Martin.

Also in attendance were Alicia Hines, Treasurer and John Duke, Property Manager, Matt Baker, ARC, and Glen Jones, incoming board member.

The meeting was called to order at 6:30 p.m. by President Jason Combs.

Declaration of Quorum

Resident Comments/Concerns:

  • and Mrs. Jansen received a violation letter concerning putting landscaping rock in their landscaping instead of mulch. They stated that they have seen several residences in the area with rock and wanted to know what needed to be done to resolve the issue. They also stated that DTS built the house and told them they could put down whatever they wished. Judy Hammond told them that the ARC would be meeting tomorrow night and asked them to attend to see what their options might be.
  • Larry and Donna Marsten own a second home in Har-Ber and stated that they have been faced with the situation of the house on Wayne Ct. being repeatedly vandalized. They felt that the neighborhood should be aware of the situation. They stated that vulgar words, pictures, and racial slurs have been written on windows, windows have been broken, and garbage placed in the driveway. They stated the culprits had to climb a six foot locked fence to gain access to the area. The police have been called and are aware of the situation.
  • Matt Baker thought it would be better for the grassy areas in the common areas not to be mowed during the extremely hot/dry spell that we are currently having. Even though the maintenance contract included payment for the entire year, he felt it would help the grass not to be mowed when it is not growing.

Secretaries Report: Presented by Nancy Owens. The minutes for the regular board meeting held on May 22, 2012 and the special board meeting held on May 29, 2012 were presented. Ralph Gresham moved to approved both sets of minutes, seconded by Judy Hammond. The motion passed 10-0.

Treasurer’s Report: Presented by Alicia Hines.

  • Professional fees increased due to the accounting audit fees.
  • Contract services for off duty police-Jerry Martin wants it set up as a separate line item. Alicia stated she would do that.
  • The electric bill has doubled for June. The well pump usage has tripled.
  • It is time for renewal of the Arvest Bank CD at a .35 interest rate. Signature Bank will give us an interest rate of .9 for one year. Jerry Martin moved that we move the current CD to Signature Bank for the increase interest rate, seconded by George Kelly. The motion passed 9-1, with the ‘1’ being an abstention.
  • We still have $30,000.00 due to come in for 2012 dues.

George Kelly moved, seconded by Judy Hammond to approve the May financials. The motion passed 10-0.


2010 & 2011 Audits: presented by Jason Combs.

George Kelly had some questions concerning the following:

  • He wanted to know if the Quick Books issue had been resolved and they had.
  • If Alicia was using the auditors depreciation schedules and yes she is.
  • Concerning the capitalization policy, George moved that we set a standard amount of $1500.00 as the amount to be able to claim an item as an asset with depreciation. The motion was seconded by Rob Frits. The motion passed 10-0.
  • That voting on issues done via the website in between meetings needs to be added to the minutes.

Alicia Hines stated she believed we have enough money to cover anything that may need replacing, but that we need to establish which assets are fully depreciated and make a list.

Jerry Martin commented that he thought the audit was shallow and not detailed enough. Alicia added this was a standard audit which is what we normally have.

Jerry Martin moved, seconded by Nancy Owens to approve the financial audit for 2010 and 2011. The motion passed 10-0.

Committee Reports:

Architectural Review Committee: presented by Judy Hammond.

  • There is a large commercial development scheduled for the area where Isaac’s Orchard and Young Farm meet. This will be under review by the ARC.
  • The ARC and Kathy Loftin of Unique Maison Builders are close to an agreement for plans at 692 Clinton Circle.

Lakes Committee: presented by Ralph Gresham.

There was a large fish kill, approximately 400, in the lake on Elizabeth Ave. All of the aerators were working and they have been unable to determine the cause of the kill. Ralph will meet with the Arkansas Fish and Game Commission. Ralph and Dale Cramer cleaned up the dead fish and All Around disposed of them.

Landscape Committee: presented by George Kelly.

George presented a draft of a postcard to send to residents to inform them of a covenant violation. The postcard would be less expensive to mail than a full size letter. A copy of the draft is attached to these minutes.

The entire community is experiencing extensive damage to trees, mainly the red maple. A majority of the trees are infected with disease from maple borers. George has an acquaintance, Dr. Richard Wilson that has knowledge concerning this matter. He gave a summary what the disease looks like and how the borers attack the trees and what could be done. He also recommended the establishment of a long term policy to combat the disease. He recommends the following:

  • establish a long term program
  • bring in specialists
  • have a study group
  • have a policy of replacement only
  • wrap the tree trunk in winter
  • replace only with another variety hardier for this area of the country
  • don’t plant a new tree in an diseased tree hole

Dr. Wilson stated that he would be happy to help us get started with this group.

Yard of the Month: presented by Judy Hammond.

Judy will be the chairperson with help from a committee comprised of Norma Myers, Jason Combs, and Rob Stark.

Property Managers Report: presented by John Duke.

Street tree discussion– we need to completely re-evaluate our street tree situation. During this time we should cut down dead trees.

Open storm drain at Young’s Farm and Doris – still waiting on the bank to respond, John has been making contact with them every two weeks as a reminder.

Landscaping Contract Performance – John presented his disappointment and frustration with All Around Landscaping service. He is constantly having to contact them and stay on top of the issues to get things done. He provided us with a six page printed handout of pictures of areas that have not been maintained, and emails between All Around and himself. The printout has been attached to these minutes as documentation to some of the occurrences. After discussion of the situation, the POA board authorized John to give All Around Landscaping a thirty day notice that their performance should meet expectations or their contract will be terminated at that time. John has already contacted another company that is willing and able to take over the landscaping maintenance at that time, should the need arise.

4th of July – we’re waiting for any definite decision until 7-2-12. It is very likely the county will issue a burn ban which will eliminate a fireworks display. Voting will take place online whether we will have fireworks or just a picnic.

Ross Lake – There needs to be a “No Fishing” sign posted for non-residents. John will get bids.

Pool Maintenance Update – the skimmer is missing in the small pool. Settling in the pool structure prevents installation of a new one. Nothing seems to fit.

Pool chairs – will be delivered 6-28-12.


Voting and Board Authorizations via email: 5-22-12 to 6-25-12

4th of July event plans. – The event will be on July 3 so people can stay later and will not have to work the next day. The bad news is Mike was unable to find any carrier that would write fireworks coverage into our master policy. Last year’s policy was $3,000. Mike has talked to the underwriter and between the two of them they are willing to write off enough to get the premium to $2,550. I have talked to Pruden and he can make $2,250 work for the fireworks in lieu of the $2,500 he used last year. Mike was able to get a contribution for hot dogs from Arvest so the Livingston’s say $350 will work for them. I had hoped to downsize the tent, table, and chair contribution I make to fund the $150 budget overrun but everyone I talk to has said this has been used by many residents. The 2012 Event budget was set for $5,000. Please let me know if I can exceed the budget by $150. This event is well attended by residents and something the majority community looks forward to each year. Please respond with questions. Thanks   Posted 6-20-12 by John Duke, Property Manager. Passed 8-0.

Old Business:

Movie night in the park – fees for showing movies are a problem so this will probably not happen.

Lighting for park trees – we need to tackle and resolve the borer problem in the existing trees before we add the cost of lighting.

Carroll Lake Platform Enclosure – this is currently a dead issue due to the cost of the fencing.-$3400.00.



With no further business, Jason Combs moved, seconded by Rob Frits to adjourn the meeting. The meeting was adjourned at 9:30 p.m.

Respectfully submitted this 23rd day of July 2012.





Jason Combs, President





Nancy Brown, Secretary










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