January 2012 Minutes


Har-Ber Meadows POA Board Meeting

January 23, 2012

Board Members in attendance were: Jason Combs, Nancy Owens, Judy Hammond, George Kelly, Tommy Hensen, Ralph Gresham, Jamey Smithson, and Rob Frits.

Absent were: Jerry Martin and Clay Galloway.

Also in attendance were Alicia Hines, Treasurer; John Duke, Property Manager; and Tom Jefcoat, ARC, and Matt Baker, ARC.

The meeting was called to order at 6:30 p.m. by President Jason Combs.

Minutes: presented by Nancy Owens.

Ralph Gresham moved to approve the December 2011 minutes, seconded by Judy Hammond. The motion passed 8-0.

Financials: presented by Alicia Hines.

  • A new bank account at Signature Bank has been opened in addition to the existing one at Arvest. Only 2 residents opted to make their annual dues payment using the credit card option now available at Signature Bank.
  • Alicia received the Scott’s Lawn Care bill for 2012 indicating an 8% discount if totally paid in advance. John Duke was asked to get other bids before a final decision was made. If paid on a treatment by treatment basis, the total cost would be $13,765.00. The prepayment amount would be $12,644.00. This matter was tabled and set aside until John Duke gets additional bids by the Feb. meeting.
  • George Kelly moved that the January financials be approved. Seconded by Ralph Gresham. The motion passed 8-0.

Resident Concerns:

  • One requested a new resident list. Residents are listed on the website.
  • There was another complaint concerning the Henderson’s shed. They were told that it is not yet finished and would still get a fence and some landscaping.
  • Children driving golf carts on the streets. Since the board is a volunteer group and has no official powers to police city streets, there is not much that can be done unless the police are notified.

Committee Reports:

ARC Committee: presented by Tom Jefcoat.

  • The ARC approved an additional sign for the clinic.
  • The ARC approved the landscaping plan for the Rutledge property solar panels. Tom also suggested the POA board explore some additional landscaping for the green space bordering 56th
  • Tom requested we refer to the latest email concerning the status of the driveway at 847 Clinton Circle.
  • Concerning the retaining wall at 5670 Dancing Rabbit under construction by DTS, Donnie is still trying to get all of the needed documentation for the violation. Tom Jefcoat stated that he has sent all that he has to Donnie Rutledge. But there are legal options through which Donnie can obtain the needed information by taking depositions from DTS.

The house is in the flood plain.

The driveway already exceeds the 32 foot maximum width allowed for a three car            garage.

The footings for the retaining wall could possibly be on the property line for the                          neighboring property.


Tommy Hensen moved, seconded by Ralph Gresham to contact Donnie Rutledge and follow his instructions to subpoena DTS’ records and obtain depositions from DTS employees with emphasis on the house under construction at 5670 Dancing Rabbit. The motion passed 6-2.

The ARC will meet tomorrow, Jan. 24, 2012. Several board members will try to attend.

Security Committee: presented by Tommy Hensen.

  • Tommy talked to Michael Hendrix. Michael was not aware of any problems in the neighborhood.
  • Mary Schmidt from Neighborhood Watch was present. The Neighborhood Watch Newsletter is being prepared and will include basic safety tips. They will also have literature available at the annual meeting in May.

Lakes Committee: presented by Ralph Gresham.

  • Lakes are generally in good shape and not losing any water.
  • John Duke reported that he had talked to All Around Landscaping concerning maintenance on the pump. Rick packed the pump two years ago and the bid for packing is $400.00. Ralph stated that Walter, the service man at Moore Brothers, quoted $200.00 for repacking and greasing the motor. It would be $300.00-$400.00 for complete servicing. Ralph Gresham moved that we use Moore Brothers. Seconded by Jamey Smithson. The motion passed 8-0.

Landscape Committee: presented by George Kelly.

  • George located a bulletin board, enclosed with glass and has a lock which could be installed by the pool house. There is enough lighting by the pool house to ensure that people could read it without additional lighting. The cost is $400.00 – $600.00. Jason Combs moved that the board approve up to $700.00 for the installation of the bulletin board enclosed in glass and the lock. The motion was seconded by Nancy Owens. The motion passed 8-0.
  • 56th Street Sign – we have to install new service with Ozark Electric because of the way Morgan hooked the power source to the sign lights. The city would be paying our usage for the sign. To unhook the 56th street sign lights from the city’s lamp post and run a new line to a new meter installed by Ozark Electric will cost approximately $1100.00. We might ask Donnie if he will let us hook into his solar electric panels. Judy Hammond moved, seconded by Jamey Smithson to approve up to $1100.00 to correct the electrical hookup for the 56th The motion passed 8-0.

Property Managers Report: presented by John Duke.

  • The fence on the northwest corner along Jones Road to Har-Ber Ave. has been completed.
  • Joe Martin Criterium Stage Race 2012 has been canceled.
  • John located frost free water faucets and water meters, which are not used in Songbird Circle, Dancing Rabbit Park, and at Applshed and June Drive. Each meter has a monthly charge of $7.00. George Kelly moved, seconded by Ralph Gresham to pull those meters, The motion passed 8-0.
  • John sent out 80 letters to residents who are in violation for not screening their garbage cans.
  • John is still waiting for a reply from the phone company concerning the request to disconnect the pool phone during the time the pool is closed for the ‘off season’.
  • The paid storage facility is almost cleared.

Old business capital improvement items were tabled until the next meeting due to time constraints.


With no further business, George Kelly moved, seconded by Ralph Gresham to adjourn the meeting. The meeting was adjourned at 9:40 p.m.

Respectfully submitted this 27th day of February 2012.




Jason Combs, President





Nancy Owens, Secretary


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