Har-Ber Meadows POA dues to increase in 2017

We hope you have had a good year in 2016 while enjoying the many amenities of our community.  Har-ber Meadows is now twenty years old and continues to be one of the premier subdivisions in Springdale and Northwest Arkansas with its lakes, parks, pool, youth baseball field, Frisbee golf, playgrounds, and other common areas.   As our community matures, the cost of maintenance goes up. There is always work being done to keep the neighborhood safe and well maintained. Because of this your Board has voted to increase the dues by $25 beginning with calendar year 2017. The annual POA dues have remained the same for the past five years.

During the past couple of years, the POA has repaired the water pumps, added sidewalks, resurfaced the parking lot at the pool, painted the interior of the pool house and purchased new pool furniture. Some fountains have had to be replaced and others repaired. The trees in the common areas and along the streets are currently being trimmed to allow unimpeded pedestrian traffic, provide good lines of vision for vehicles, and to help prevent damage to the street trees caused by large trucks. The properly trimmed trees will also be better able to withstand winter weather and wind.  Needed repairs to many of the brick structures around the lakes and bridges is projected to cost the POA several thousands of dollars over the next few years

This dues increase will be used to help accelerate the needed repairs and maintenance of the brickwork in all the common areas and help with new projects which should add value to our neighborhood as we continue to add amenities. In addition to providing for the continued operation and maintenance of the facilities, we must reserve sufficient funds for emergencies and repair or replacement of our aging mechanical systems, such as the well pump, circulation pump, pool and pool house equipment.

In addition to our annual operation and maintenance budget funded primarily by the annual dues, the Board has established a voluntary Special Events Fund to provide additional money for our community events such as the annual Fourth of July fireworks display, Easter egg hunt, movies in the park, and holiday decorations. Please consider making a voluntary contribution to this fund to enable us to provide more and better events. The suggested contribution is $25 per residence and can be paid along with your annual dues payment.

We strive to keep Har-ber Meadows a neighborhood where people want to live and raise their families and to maintain your property values in the years to come.


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