2017 Happy Holidays and Winter Update

We hope everyone has had a great Autumn and are getting ready to celebrate the Holidays in the next few days. Har-Ber’s trees were glorious this year-seems like every year the trees put on a better show of Autumn colors than the year before.

Just a few things to cover and remind each of us at this time:

Tree Trimming

All the street and common area trees in the neighborhood were trimmed this past winter. This was done for street safety and to allow people to be able to walk on the sidewalks without having to duck under and around limbs. We are asking each of you to take a moment and remove the sucker limbs that have sprouted from these trimmed trees and to remove any limbs on street trees that might have grown and become a danger or nuisance for walkers and street traffic. Please take time to address this. It will only take a few moments of your time. We have a beautiful neighborhood with lots of trees-please help us keep the trees trimmed and in good shape. We thank you for doing this and your neighbors will be appreciative as well.

Missing Trees

If you are missing trees due to disease or weather—Please have the trees replaced. Remember the bright colors are one of the positive things that Har-ber meadows is known for! Please help keep the color in the neighborhood. I am working with a local nursery to get a volume discount for our property owners and will be sharing that information when the negotiation is done. One other thing about tree replacement-the ARC can share with you recommendations for replacement trees that may have deeper root structure and be less brittle than the original Maples and Bradford Pears yet retain the beautiful fall leaves.

ARC Applications

Please remember to fill out an ARC Application if you are planning on making any changes to your home/property. You can find the Application here on our website. The ARC will review and get back to you in a timely manner. The ARC committee has regular monthly meetings on the 2nd and 4th Monday of each month at the pool house.


We live in one of the safest areas of our city. Unfortunately, there are always those who will steal if given an opportunity. Please help us keep the neighborhood safe. Watch out for yourselves and your neighbors. You can help by.

  • Leaving your outside lights on.
  • Locking your Vehicle.
  • Parking in Garage and not on the street.
  • Keeping your Garage closed.
  • Keeping all your doors secured.
  • Leaving outside lights on after dark.
  • Reporting to the Police any suspicious people or activity you see.

Thieves hate cameras-so one might look at installing some cameras for your house. Some of the board members are looking at installing cameras on their houses. Some of the newer systems will hook up with your phone and alert you if there is activity around your home.
Being aware of your surroundings at all times.
If you are going to be out of town-have your neighbors pick up your papers and be aware you will not be home.
We have a couple of police officers who patrol our neighborhood on a random basis each week. They tell us that you if see something suspicious to call the Springdale Police Department and there will be someone come out and investigate.

Holliday Season

During this Holiday season be especially aware because of packages and gifts being left at your door.
The Board is looking to add cameras in the main entrance streets to help identify cars when there is an issue.

We know all of these suggestions are simple but they will help eliminate the opportunity for theft.

Speeding in Har-Ber

Please remember to obey the speed limits in Har-ber and please make everyone in the family aware to not speed in the neighborhood. I have asked our police officers to put an emphasis on cutting down on speeding in Har-ber Meadows. Don’t get a ticket but most of all be safe around our kids. All of us need to keep this in mind.

Dog Park

The board is looking looking at possibility creating a dog park for our residents. More news on this later.

Wishing each of you a great Holiday season and a prosperous and safe New Year!

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