February 2015 Minutes

Har-Ber Meadows POA Board Meeting

February 23, 2015

Board Members in attendance were: Rob Frits, Nancy Brown, Rob Stark, Ralph Gresham, Hope Feiner, Jerry Martin, Bobbye Kelly, Jason Combs, and Jamey Smithson.

Board Members absent: Judy Hammond.

Also in attendance were John Duke, Property Manager and Officer Scott, Springdale Police Department.

Designation of Quorum: President Rob Frits presiding. Meeting called to order 6:30 p.m.

Resident Concerns:

  • Four students from the E.A.S.T. program at Helstern Middle School returned with their modified presentation requesting directional maps placed at various places to help people find their way through HBM. They reduced their request to five signs to be placed at the entrances and around the parks. They would be 3-4′ high by 2.5 ‘ wide. The board felt this was still too large. They then suggested the possibility of a small sign with a Q-R code which would enable people to scan the code which would allow them to go to another app or the HBM website for directions. They stated it would cost approximately $1750.00 per sign. Or it would be no cost to HBM if they could get some of the local businesses to sponsor them and in return they could place the business name on the sign. The board wanted to see what the signs would look like, but the teacher forgot to bring them to the meeting. She will email the pictures to John Duke tomorrow and he will bring that information to the board.
  • Resident Gail Edmonson and some of her friends have small businesses that they work from their homes. She would like to partner with HBM during the annual meeting in May and possibly have some tables displaying their products where residents could register for prizes to be given away through drawings. She will put her ideas on paper to be presented at the next board meeting.
  • Jill Young, Har-Ber Ducks swim coach was present to ask permission to host a swim meet here in HBM as she did last year. Discussion followed to verify that all went well last year including parking availability, and that we had no other problems. Jerry Martin moved, seconded by Jason Combs to allow another swim meet to be held at the HBM pool as long as we had enough advance notice to make preparations and get the word out. The motion passed 8-0.
  • Jill also requested that we think about the possibility of adding some other children from neighboring areas to participate that would be entering Har-Ber High in the future. Board discussion followed with Jerry Martin stating that he is concerned about the wear-and tear on our facilities by adding more swimmers and possibly cutting down the time for residents swimming. The proposal would actually be one more group than last year. Bobbye Kelly added she wants the same restrictions as last year. Rob Frits stated that the board needs more time to think about this and we would get back to Jill.




New Business:

Rob Frits informed the board that he contacted Donnie Rutledge concerning last month’s request by David Coombs to use the term ‘Har-Ber’ in the name of the monthly magazine that he is involved in publishing and distributing to residents. It was determined that the licensing arrangement had lapsed, so Rob was able to purchase it as a ‘one time deal’ for $150.00. So it is no longer a concern as we now control the rights for the use of the term.

Secretary’s Report: presented by Nancy Brown. The minutes were emailed to board members for their review prior to tonight’s meeting.

  • Jerry Martin moved, seconded by Hope Feiner to approve the January 2015 POA minutes. The motion passed 8-0.


Treasurer’s Report: Rob Frits stated that the financials were sent via email by Alicia for board members approval. Jerry Martin moved, seconded by Rob Stark to approve the January financials. The motion passed 8-0.

Property Manager’s Report: presented by John Duke.

  1. 412/Founder’s entry sign discussion
    • Insurance Proceeds = $5.918.50
  1. Custom Lawn Care has repaired the entry sign for $500.
    • Lighting:
  1. New lighting fixtures will be installed. New and brighter LED fixtures will cost $500 including installation.
  2. Work is complete.
    • New Paint for sign and logo including labor:
  1. Arnold Miranda – $500
  2. Signarama – $400 – Work is complete.


  1. Brick discoloration in common areas
    • Bridge Columns:
  1. I have made contact with the City regarding the columns that are in need of repair on the Founder’s Park and Coyote Crossing bridges. I met the City on 7/31 to assess the situation. The City is saying since it is a bridge, it falls under AHTD maintenance. The City is including these repairs on the next report to be submitted to the AHTD.   Waiting to hear back from city on expected completion date.
  2. The City of Springdale is repairing the bridge columns beginning on 11/20 per a directive from the AHTD.
  • See attached repair report from AHTD. The only repairs made were structural. No cosmetic repairs will be made by the AHTD or the City of Springdale. (Discussion)


    • All Other Common Areas:
  1. I have located a 10″ brick that can be used for repair going forward.
  2. Soliciting Additional Bids:
    1. Custom Lawn Care – $9,600
    2. Handyman Connection/MP Construction – $8,915
    3. Soliciting bids from mason referrals received from Boral Brick


  1. Crumpacker Park Irrigation (See Attached) Bobbye Kelly moved, seconded by Rob Stark to irrigate the Crumpacker Park ‘landscaped circle’. The motion passed 8-0.
    • Morgan can use existing power at pavilion to set controller for irrigation at pavilion. The cost will be approximately $400.00.
  1. All Around – $3,200.00
  2. Custom Lawn Care – $2,469.38


  1. Pool House Improvements – Jamey Smithson moved, seconded by Bobbye Kelly to approve $5000.00 for improvements and maintenance to the pool house. The motion passed 8-0. This is considered ‘maintenance’ to the area.
    • Dawn Rhodes, resident, has agreed to help with various color and paint combinations for the pool house interior and will be attending the meeting.
  1. Paint all walls and ceilings with an eggshell/high gloss finish (except storage areas)
  2. Paint all woodwork with enamel finish
  • Paint walk-thru and bathroom floors with a non-skid finish same color as meeting room
    1. Arnold Miranda – (See Attached)
    2. SelectPro Painters – (See Attached)
    • Counter top replacement for bathrooms and meeting room.
  1. (See Attached)


  1. Pool Improvements
    • Permanent Shade (See Attached)- Dawn Rhodes presented pictures of material or canvas sails to be installed in certain areas to provide shade. They have a 10 year manufacturer’s warranty—see attached. Jerry Martin moved, seconded by Jamey Smithson to approve $6600.00 for the sails to be charged to capital improvements. The motion passed 8-0.
    • Pool Deck and Front Entrance Improvements (See Attached) – on hold.


  1. Common Area Improvements (See Attached)
    • Sidewalks – bid from Custom Care Lawns attached. – no action taken.
    • Trees – bid from Custom Care Lawns attached for Crumpacker Park. – no action taken.
    • Benches/Bleachers – see attached printouts from ‘Belson Outdoor’ for examples of players benches and/or parent’s bleachers. Discussion followed resulting that we needed 2 players benches and/or a parent’s bleachers set. It was also mentioned that we should complete the sidewalk to the third base line and add a garbage can. The estimate for this was $6500.00.       Jerry Martin moved, seconded by Jamey Smithson to purchase two player’s benches, a parent’s bleacher, a garbage can and complete the sidewalk to third base. The motion passed 8-0.


  1. Har-Ber Ducks
    • Jill Young presentation. (See Attached)
    • Har-Ber Ducks paid $450 for 2014.


  1. Helstern Middle School East Program
    • I have communicated the Board’s concerns to the E.A.S.T. program and expect a modified proposal to be presented to the Board at the February meeting.


  1. Helen Tyson Middle School East Program
  • Dear Mr. Duke,

We are students from Helen Tyson Middle School E.A.S.T, we would like to ask for your permission to build a Little Free Library. It will benefit the neighborhood community by having a Little Free Library near. They will be able to have access to a book in there community.

The little free library is a little library that is usually made of wood it is basically a wooden box that is being supported by a wooden pole that is implanted in the ground to hold it steady. The Little Free Library would be water proof and wind proof.  You can see examples of Little Free Libraries here: http://littlefreelibrary.org/


We selected this project because we would like to encourage the community to read and to expand their imagination and their reading skills.


We are in the early planning stages and are hoping to locate areas of Springdale where people will grant us permission to install these.  Once we have built these partnerships, we will proceed with finding the money to make our LFL.


From Helen Tyson Little Free Library team- Maddie,        Brianna, Valery



Old Business: Property Manager’s Report

  1. Pool
    • Wading pool tile repair from Krystal Klear – $2,414.50 including tax. Will solicit another bid and have repaired in the spring before the pool opens.
  2. Broken light pole
    • 56th Street/Francis Fair – On hold for 56th street lane additions.
  3. Francis Fair Stop Signs
    • The City is conducting studies to determine if this request is an option.
    • November 5 Traffic Committee Meeting.
    • Waiting for City to finalize Traffic Calming Policy (See attached minutes/traffic calming policy)
  4. Bridge Railing Paint
  • CertaPro Painters for $17,519.


Committee Reports:

Architectural Review Committee: no meeting.


Security Report: presented by Officer Smith of the Springdale P.D. and Jamey Smithson.


  • Ice on the Ponds–children keep trying to walk on the ice developing on the ponds. This is a dangerous situation. Please remind your children not to venture out on the ponds when ice is present. John Duke will also send an email blast to remind everyone of the dangers.
  • There are many small children walking home alone from school.
  • Fishing season is starting again and we are seeing many non-residents fishing here. Be sure to get your fishing tags this Spring from Ralph Gresham and pin them to your garments when at the lakes.
  • People are leaving their garage doors open inviting theft—it just takes a moment to grab something. Many people are leaving them open all night.


Lakes Report: presented by Ralph Gresham.

  • A company has drilled a large hole into our circulation pump. They will not pay for it. It is inside the easement and Donnie Rutledge is involved in resolving the matter. He will attempt to recoup the cost from the company that caused it. Rob Frits stated that we just have to fix it in order to keep our lakes working. Ralph Gresham moved, seconded by Jerry Martin to fix the hole. The motion passed 8-0.
  • Ralph Gresham also asked for and was given authorization to fix the broken clapper not to exceed $500.00. John Duke can then put it on the credit card.
  • Ralph has heard about the possibility of using a strobe light to chase away the geese and received authorization for up to $500.00 to purchase one.


Landscape and Facilities: see item 3 under Property Manager’s Report.

Long Range Planning Committee: presented by Rob Frits.

  • 56th Street Expansion – Barrier between HBM and Pilot needs to be done in the future.
  • Clubhouse Renovations – see item 4 in Property Manager’s Report.


Old Business Follow-up:

Website Development: presented by Rob Stark.

  • Things are taking a little longer than expected, but PayPal is working.


Further Discussion:

  • EAST Program: John Duke will get back to them requesting still smaller signs.
  • Swim Team: The board agreed not to open up enrollments to high school students from other schools. But will open it up to high school students in HBM.
  • Brick Pavers that are a trip hazard need to be fixed. They are our own sidewalks. John Duke and Bobbye Kelly will identify what is really necessary to be fixed. Jason Combs moved, seconded by Jerry Martin to authorize up to $3000.00 to fix the trip hazards. The motion passed 8-0.


Voting and Board Authorizations via email: 1-26-15 to 2-24-15 – none

With no further business, the meeting was adjourned at 9:07p.m..

Respectfully submitted this 23rd day of March, 2015.




____________________________                                        ____________________________


Rob Frits, President                                                                Nancy Brown, Secretary







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