August 2014 Minutes

Har-Ber Meadows POA Board Meeting

August 25, 2014

Board Members in attendance were: Rob Frits, Rob Stark, Nancy Brown, Jerry Martin, Judy Hammond, Ralph Gresham, Jason Combs, Hope Feiner, and Bobbye Kelly.

Board Members absent: Jamey Smithson.

Also in attendance were Alicia Hines, Treasurer; John Duke, Property Manager, Matt Baker, ARC, and Officer Scott, Springdale PD.

The meeting was called to order at 6:30 p.m. by President, Rob Frits.

Designation of Quorum: President Rob Frits presiding.

Resident Concerns: none

New Business:

Har-Ber Ducks Swim Team coach, Jill Young, informed us that the “Ducks” had a great summer and received a trophy. They are also sending some surplus money they collected back to HBM.

She also asked on behalf of the Har-Ber High School swim team if they could use our pool for practice a couple of weeks at the beginning of the school year 2014. Their pool is still in the process of having repairs done. Judy Hammond moved, seconded by Ralph Gresham to allow the Har-Ber High School swim team to use our pool at the beginning of the year. The motion passed 9-0. – see Item 10 of the Property Manager’s Report.

Secretary’s Report: presented by Nancy Brown. The minutes were emailed to board members for their review prior to tonight’s meeting. Jerry Martin moved, seconded by Bobbye Kelly to approve the July 2014 POA minutes. The motion passed 9-0.

Treasurer’s Report: presented by Alicia Hines. The financial committee reviewed and approved the financial statements prior to the August meeting of the board of directors. Alicia also emailed the financial reports to board members for their review prior to this month’s meeting. Hope Feiner moved to approve the July 2014 financials, seconded by Judy Hammond. The motion passed 9-0.

Property Manager’s Report: presented by John Duke.

  1. Park Trash Can
    • We have an extra trash can to install.       Discussion on location. Ralph Gresham suggested placing it in somewhere in Founder’s Park. John is to use his own judgment as to where in the park.
  2. 412/Founder’s entry sign discussion
    • Insurance Proceeds = $5.918.50
  1. After multiple attempts to collect a new check from adjuster, I called the Arkansas Municipal League. The Municipal League has all of the documents needed to reissue checks. The new check should be received the week of 8/25.
    • Replace with rock sign that matches 56th Street entrance:
  1. Bid #1 – Emerson Monument = $6,146
  2. New lighting fixtures will be installed. New and brighter fixtures will cost $500 including installation.
    • The rock had been located and shipped. Scott asked me to come by to look at the rock on 8/13 because he had some concerns.  The sign is the perfect height and width, however, there are several cracks in the rock and the rock did not hold up to sanding and stenciling the logo.  He did not recommend we use the rock.  He called the quarry and ordered a new rock the same day.
    • I have a call in to City Planning to inquire about the maximum dimensions for the sign location. He reported that he was informed that the sign was required to be 3 feet from the curb and a maximum of 15 sq. ft. (3 foot in height and 5 ft in length).


  1. Brick discoloration in common areas: the bricks have not been delivered, but John found that they are currently in Tulsa OK
    • I have made contact with the City regarding the columns that are in need of repair on the Founder’s Park and Coyote Crossing bridges. I met the City on 7/31 to assess the situation. The City is saying since it is a bridge, it falls under AHTD (Arkansas Highway Transportation Department) maintenance. The City is including these repairs on the next report to be submitted to the AHTD. — (The city is not taking any responsibility for the repair of the bricks in the bridges.)
    • Guadalupe Masonry has agreed to honor their original bid even with excluding the bridge columns. Jerry and I will go over the bid with Manuel one more time before work starts. He will start at the steps that enter the lake and his work will be inspected before moving to the next location. (See attached)
    • The masonry company could not locate a matching brick. ACME Brick has inspected the brick and will no longer return calls or email. I have located the original supplier which was Boral Brick.       They no longer carry the Bordeaux brick but have a similar brick called Vining. The sample board was delivered on 7/23. The Vining brick is a good match. Boral has sent two cubes to their Tulsa office. Waiting on a time to deliver to from Tulsa to Har-Ber.


  1. Bridge Railing Paint
  • I have made contact with the City regarding the bridge railings that are in need of painting on the Founder’s Park and Coyote Crossing bridges. I met the City on 7/31 to assess the situation. The railing on the bridges are beyond standard design, therefore, the city currently does not claim responsibility to maintain. A bid was received from CertaPro Painters for $17,519. The board suggested that John pressure the city to paint the railings.


  1. Broken light pole
    • 56th Street/Francis Fair – On hold for 56th street lane additions.


  1. Capital Improvement Discussion: these are some suggestions for use of the money received from the city for their land acquisition on 56th Street. But we tabled the discussion until we actually get the check. It was also noted that the brick sidewalk pavers are constantly in need of repair.
    • Sidewalks – tabled until we check on the condition of the pavers
  1. West Side of Doris
    1. 963’ = $20,500 +/-
  2. Baseball Field
    1. 400’ = $8,500 +/-
  • Benches at baseball field
    1. TBD
  1. Francis Fair Stop Signs/ASN Parking Discussion
    • The City of Springdale Traffic Committee met on 6/30 to discuss 3-way stop signs on Francis Fair and parking at ASN.
    • The City is conducting studies to determine if this request is an option.
    • I have discussed the ASN parking situation with Keith Vire.       Update to be discussed at Board Meeting. (See attached Traffic Committee minutes) It was decided to extend another month to Keith Vire to get ASN’s parking under control.
    • No parking lane painting at pool house circle: – the ‘no parking sign’ seems to be working.
  1. Time Striping – $450.00
  1. Pool
    • Fire Department Inspection Report Repairs completed 8/22/14
  1. Exit sign fully illuminate in normal and backup modes
  2. Fire extinguisher inspection and tag
    • Wading pool tile repair – $2,414.50 including tax. It was discussed and the decision was made to wait until next Spring to have it fixed before opening the pool for the season.
  1. Back to School Dive-in Movie
    • Over 100 children in attendance.
    • Jamy Livingston donated the use of her projector and screen.
    • POA purchased the Lego Movie for $350.
  2. Har-Ber High School Swim Team Request
  • Har-Ber High School Practices at the Jones Center. The Jones Center is closing their pool for 4-6 weeks. Jill Young, Har-Ber Coach, has asked if the team can use the pool for a few weeks in September. The hours would be from 6:45am to 8:15am with 25 kids. Mike Luttrell said this would not cause an issue with insurance.
  1. Miscellaneous
    • Cleaned out the ditch at the corner of Jones Rd and Har-Ber Avenue
    • Christmas trees across from pool house received extra water
    • Elizabeth Lake pump replaced
    • Updated Landscape and Grounds committee on website
    • Trimmed pine trees at rock area near JTL and Coyote Crossing
    • Doris street trees were trimmed higher


  1. Covenant Violation Report (See Attached)
    • To discuss at meeting.
    • Hearing scheduled for 9/22 Board meeting – 8 hearings have been scheduled.


Committee Reports:

Architectural Review Committee- presented by Matt Baker and Judy Hammond.-

  1. We had a great response for our request for committee members. We added the following individuals to our committee on a “trial basis.”

Glenn Atkins

Gail Edmonson

Brian Probeck

Fred Ridgeway


  1. 449 Founders Park Drive East—the committee approved the adding of a patio cover.


  1. 1111 Dancing Rabbit—new home construction was approved. We are waiting on landscape plan.


  1. 5686 Dancing Rabbit—waiting on landscape plan from Laura Davis.


  1. 5725 Francis Fair Parkway—waiting on landscape plan from Kathy Loftin-Unique Maison.


  1. 6879 Isaacs Orchard—waiting on revised entrance sign from Dr. Roblee.


  1. August 25, we will review an application for 6649 Bernice.


Security and Neighborhood Watchpresented by Officer Scott, Springdale Police Dept.

  • Neighborhood traffic is being closely watched after school hours.


Lakes – reported by Ralph Gresham.

  • The lakes are in good shape due to the amount of rain we’ve had this summer. He has been able to turn off the pump for a day or two after every major rain.


Landscape and Facilities: presented by Bobbye Kelly.

  1. The following items were brought to the attention of the Property Manager (Response/action in italics):

Good lights need be installed at the new 412 sign, similar to ones at dentist office sign on Jones Rd. John has talked with Morgan and said new and brighter fixtures will be installed.

            There’s lots of debris in big lake in the “steps” area near the ENT clinic. Cleaned up

The still standing willow opposite the downed one, the pines around rocks on west side of lake, and trees along Doris and some others need to be limbed up. Done

            Ditch at corner of JTL and Har-Ber Ave. has become grown up in tall weeds and saplings. Cleaned out.

One of the two dumpsters between Harps and Athletes Plus keep getting farther into the street and blocking one lane. Per Covenant X.8, it is a violation for dumpsters to be in the open; should be in fenced or enclosed area.   After a brief discussion at the meeting, John said he would look into this.

            Two street trees on Zan Loop have T-post stakes that are damaging them and should be removed. John said he would speak with homeowners.

One of the 3 spruce trees in Founders Park across from pool house is not growing like the other two. Dale is putting more water on these trees. That one tree is turning brown along the bottom; need to consider further treatment—maybe fertilizer.

  1. Would like for this committee to meet with Long Range Planning Committee about clubhouse renovations.
  2. Requested the Board do away with the “Yard of the Month.” Agreed.

Long Range Planning Committee

  • 56th Street expansion – construction is beginning.
  • Clubhouse Renovation – this project has been added to Landscaping and Facilities. Bobbye Kelly stated the clubhouse needed some major ‘sprucing up’ – cleaning/painting. Bobbye will get with John Duke to contact Greg at Logan’s to honor their warranty on trees.

Old Business Follow-up:

  • Rob Frits stated that we need to respond to Bill Adam’s request to keep his chickens in his back yard. While we are aware that he considers them as his pets, and has provided nice housing for them, they are in fact, farm animals. It is a covenant violation and against a Springdale City Ordinance. Judy Hammond moved, seconded by Jerry Martin to decline his request for a variance. The motion passed 9-0.
  • Judy Hammond also noted that Git Lit has gone out of business and we need to make sure that our neighborhood Christmas lights are in our possession. John Duke will make sure that we have possession of the lights.


Voting and Board Authorizations via email: 7-28-14 to 8-25-14 – none

With no further business, the meeting was adjourned at 8:34 p.m..

Respectfully submitted this 22nd day of September, 2014.



____________________________                                        ____________________________


Rob Frits, President                                                                Nancy Brown, Secretary




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