August 2013 Minutes

Har-Ber Meadows POA Board Meeting

August 26, 2013

Board Members in attendance were: Rob Stark, Nancy Brown, Glenn Jones, Jerry Martin, Ralph Gresham, Tommy Hensen, and Hope Feiner.

Board Members absent: Rob Frits, Judy Hammond, and Jamey Smithson.

Also in attendance were Alicia Hines, Treasurer; John Duke, Property Manager; and Tom Jefcoat; ARC.

The meeting was called to order at 6:30 p.m. by Vice-President, Rob Stark.

Declaration of Quorum: Vice-President Rob Stark presiding.

Resident Concerns:

Resident Steve Lisle and Ms. Parisi, Director of the Har-Ber Ducks Swim team presented a brief report on the success of the first summer of the swim team and the request to continue this next summer.

Donnie Rutledge, attorney and legal advisor for the POA presented his opinion concerning whether the owner’s association or the individual resident is responsible for maintenance of the ‘street trees’. He stated he has reviewed this item several times over the years and that there is ‘authority for both sides within the covenants.

The Covenants state the association shall do the following: maintain all landscaping in the street right-of-ways.

The Builder’s Guide states the builder/owners shall maintain the street right-of-way.

He further explained that the covenants were written first thereby making them the ‘master set of rules’. Therefore, it is his professional opinion that a judge would rule against residents maintaining the street trees, but added that doesn’t mean the board must do it.

Tom Jefcoat addressed the issue that residence landscaping and lawn maintenance is the responsibility of the homeowners/residents.

Ralph Gresham asked that Donnie Rutledge give us some guidelines on the requirements of changing the covenants since maintaining this vast amount of trees is financially impossible at the current rate of assessment dues.

New Business: none

Secretary’s Report: presented by Nancy Brown. The July 2013 minutes were previously emailed to board members for their review prior to tonight’s meeting. Jerry Martin moved, seconded by Ralph Gresham to approve the minutes. The motion passed 7-0.

Treasurer’s Report: presented by Alicia Hines. The Treasurer’s report was previously emailed to board members for their review prior to this evening’s meeting. She added that she had mailed 22 certified letters trying to collect late dues and that is very costly. However, she does believe she will get some response and has already collected 5. Jerry Martin moved, seconded by Ralph Gresham to approve the July Treasurer’s Report. The motion passed 7-0.


Property Manager’s Report: presented by John Duke.

  1. Brick Maintenance
    • Warren Wheat lives in Har-Ber Meadows and owns his own commercial construction company.       He and I have met and inspected the affected areas. He took his brick mason by each location the week of 7/15. Due to the complexity and number of areas affected, he is still working on the bid. I should have his bid any day.
  2. Crumpacker Park Memorial Discussion
  • I spoke with Carol on 8/18 and she has recently inquired about the costs of a new water feature installed at Crumpacker Park. She wants to find out how much the water would cost.  She is interested in either a water feature or playground.
    • Potential Recommendation for Crumpacker Park Discussion:
  1. Miracle 718-S082J Playground
  2. Trees around playground
  • Two park benches
  1. Cast metal memorial plaque mounted on a concrete pedestal
  1. Founder’s Park Year Around Lighting Discussion
    • (See Attached)

Proposals are attached. He will also get a bid from Scotts before any decision is made.

  1. New bridge planks need sealing.
    • Rodriguez Landscaping agreed to complete the work for $700. He will not return calls or texts. I solicited a backup bid from Certa Pro for $2,500. Dale Creamer has agreed to complete the work for $700. He will begin 8/24.–this was completed the Sat. or Sun. prior to this meeting.
  2. Paver Repair
    • 571 Founder’s Park East
  • 637 Founder’s Park East
  • 673 Founder’s Park East
    • 729 Founder’s Park East
    • 741 Founder’s Park East and Sidewalk across street in Park area
  1. Rodriguez Landscaping – $450
    1. He will not return phone calls or texts.-still unable to locate him.
  2. All Around Landscaping – $6,080-cost is too high.
  • B & A Property Maintenance – Waiting on bid
  1. Ross Park Signs
    • $812 – Routed, sandblasted, and painted redwood sign — In order to maintain a consistency of appearance throughout the neighborhood, Nancy Brown moved, seconded by Hope Feiner, to authorize up to $1624.00 less tax to purchase two signs. The motion passed 6-1.
    • $547 – 6mm aluminum composite material with laminated digital print and water jetted to shape. Aluminum posts and caps painted brown.
  2. Repairs/Maintenance
    • The children’s pool will be drained after closing for the season to replace the remaining missing tiles.
    • Electrical receptacle in the pool room has been installed.
    • New sign that resembles the “no fishing” signs has been ordered and will be installed at the Disc Golf Course. It will state something similar to ‘for residents only’ or ‘no trespassing, residents only’.
    • Pool “no glass” sign has been installed
    • Bicycle rack has been installed at the pool house.
    • One sprinkler head was replaced in Founder’s Park. There is also a broken irrigation line that All-Around will repair.
    • Irrigation controller and modules replaced at Allie Francis at the beginning of the estates.
    • Founder’s Park Fountains repaired. due to snails in the intake.
  3. Concert in Founder’s Park Discussion – there was a good and positive response to the event.
    • $500
    • Sunday, August 25
    • 5:30 – 8:30


  1. Advertising Requests
    • Rib Crib
    • Tropical Smoothie
    • Athlete Plus Physical Therapy
  2. Har-Ber Meadows Swim Team- there have been no negative comments.
    • Will have report on enrollment at the meeting.
    • Permanent lane rope discussion. Bids are attached. Winter would be a good time for installation since the pool is closed.
  3. Geese/Duck Discussion
    • Geese: The geese have not been seen at the newly sodded areas. The Rejex-it Goose Repellant has not been used. Will continue to monitor the situation.
    • Ducks: They are getting into the pool at night and early morning.
  1. McCutheon Welding has used expanded metal with self tapping screws as a solution in the past. The powder coated metal would cost $2,960. – This is currently ‘on hold’. Tom Jefcoat suggested that we add ‘do not feed the ducks’ on the signs.
  1. Resident Street Tree Discussion
    • Trimming
  1. All Around has bid $26, 540 to trim all Resident Street Trees two times per year. (See Attached)
  2. Currently seeking an additional bid from B&A Property Maintenance.
    • All Around Contract Dead Tree Removal
  1. The current Lawn Maintenance Contract only addresses removing common area street trees that are dead or that have been damaged by storms. The contract does not apply to resident trees. All Around is currently bidding removal of Resident Street Trees which will be available by the meeting. Also soliciting an additional bid from B&A Property Maintenance.


  1. Bridge Railing Maintenance
    • The bridges on Founder’s Park and Coyote Crossing are on the list to be painted by the City.


Committee Reports:

Architectural Review Committee: presented by Tom Jefcoat.

  • Monthly meeting times have been changed to the 2nd and 4th Mondays of the month at 5 p.m. John Duke will update the website.
  • Three applications were reviewed this past month for normal things such as fences, pergolas, and patios. There was a 12’x20′ patio application on Tall Oaks North that was declined.
  • Tom recommended cutting down dead street trees.


Security and Neighborhood Watch: reported by Officer Scott

  • He has been running radar on Francis Fair and it’s usually Har-Ber residents that are speeding.
  • He ‘blue-lighted’ 5 or 6 doing 40 mph in a 20 minute period in front of the pool.
  • The speed limit is 25 mph throughout Har-Ber Meadows.
  • Rescued a baby duck and goose entangled in fishing line.


Lakes: reported by Ralph Gresham

  • We have had plenty of rain and should be well off for about a month. The pump has been turned off for awhile, but will turn it back on tonight.
  • We need to purchase 700-750 carp in the near future.


Landscape and Facilities: presented by Nancy Brown in Judy Hammond’s absence.

  • Judy and Nancy had a brief meeting to evaluate what needed to be done to get the committee ‘up and running’ again. Judy will be contacting people to inquire if they are willing to serve on the committee.
  • Tommy Hensen passed out a copy of an article from USA Today concerning the problems Canadian geese are creating in neighborhoods. It stated that in certain areas where the hunting ban was lifted temporarily, “It hasn’t been enough to keep their numbers down”.


Yard of the Month: presented by Glenn Jones.

  • Congratulations go to Mike and Barb Crider at 6594 Firefly Catch for the Yard of the Month award for September.
  • A new sign was ordered, received, and is currently in use.




Long Range Planning Committee: presented by Jerry Martin.

56th Street Expansion, update:

  1. It will be 5 lanes and the city needs to take 15 feet from the HBM side.
  2. There is a planned left-hand turning lane with a possible center island.
  3. There are possible drainage problems due to the drainage ditch in the area. Jerry emphasized we need to determine if this will affect our property. Board members agreed that this is a top priority.
  4. We will need some sort of privacy wall/fence. The city is not responsible for this.


Clubhouse Renovations: on hold.


Old Business Follow-up: presented by Rob Stark.

Website/Communication – ongoing and in progress.



Voting and Board Authorizations via email: 7-22-13 to 8-26-13 – none


With no further business, the meeting was adjourned at 8:45 p.m..






Respectfully submitted this 23rd day of September, 2013.






Rob Frits, President




Nancy Brown, Secretary






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