April 2014 Minutes

Har-Ber Meadows POA Board Meeting

April 28,2014


Board members in attendance were: Rob Frits, Rob Stark, Jerry Martin, Hope Feiner, Jamey Smithson, Ralph Gresham, and Tommy Hensen.


Board Members absent: Nancy Brown, Judy Hammond and Glen Jones.


Also in attendance were: Alicia Hines, Treasurer; and John Duke, Property Manager


Resident Concerns: Concerns were notes for the trees in Isaac Orchard and the commercial properties cleaning it up and keeping it their properties mowed. John Duke will follow-up. Steelman’s requested approval from the Board to construct a sunroom on the north side of their home with a heat pump. ARC could not approve. Jerry Martin motioned to approve, seconded by Jamey Smithson. The motion passed 7-0.


Declaration of Quorum: President Rob Frits presiding.


New business: Donnie Rutledge was in attendance for knowledge and insight for Discussion of 56th Street Property. The board has been presented with an offer from the City of Springdale for a portion of the East perimeter of the POA adjacent to 56th Street at a value of $12,400.00 . After further discussion from the board Jerry Martin made the motion for the 56th Street Committee to counter the City of Springdale’s offer to request value of the property at $1.49 per square feet, seconded by Jamey Smithson. The motion passed 6-1. Not in favor Tommy Hensen.

Donnie Rutledge also consulted with the Board in regards to fines/assessment’s to residents if they don’t comply with current covenants and what is the best approach within Har-Ber Meadows. Donnie indicated that more research needed to be done and the topic will be furthered tabled until a later date.


Secretary’s Report: The minutes were previously emailed to all members of the board for their review. Ralph Gresham moved to approve the March 24, 2014 minutes, seconded by Rob Starks. The motion passed 7-0.


Treasurer’s Report: presented by Alicia Hines. Alicia emailed the actual reports to board members for their review prior to the meeting. Alicia also reported to the Board that the second round of dues will be sent to residents who have not paid their POA dues yet and the announcement for the annual meeting scheduled for May 19th. Jerry Martin moved to approve the March, 2014 financial reports, seconded by Rob Stark. The motion passed 7-0.


Property Manager’s Report: presented by John Duke.

  1. Crumpacker Park Memorial Discussion:
    1. Equipment installed
    2. Sign installation scheduled for the week of 4/28/14
    3. Landscaping and tree installation scheduled for the week of 4/28/14. Nine trees were planted.
  2. 412/Founder’s entry sign:
    1. Still waiting on remainder of check. (the insurance adjustor informed John Duke that a supplemental check was placed in the mail the week of 3/17. After receiving the check, the amount was still short of the estimate. John Duke has talked to the adjustor and insurance is working on a third check to make up the difference. Work will begin after all monies have been received).
    2. The board requested that John Duke receive bids to replace the current sign with a stone sign instead of repairing current sign.
  3. Brick discoloration in common areas:
    1. John Duke has contacted the city regarding the columns that are in need of repair on Founder’s Park and Coyote Crossing bridges.
    2. Guadalupe Masonry has agreed to honor their original bid even with excluding the bridge columns.
    3. Still waiting on the brick company to locate a matching brick.
  4. Broken Light pole:
    1. Ireland/Tall Oaks Loop North – ordered 2/19. The pole is scheduled to arrive 5/9/14.
    2. 56th Street/Francis Fair – on hold for 56th street land additions.
  5. Bridge Lights:
    1. The glass lamps have been cleaned.
  6. Annual Meeting:
    1. John Duke will schedule an e-mail blast for re-elections, and information on annual meeting (date,time) to residents.
  7. Pool discussion
    1. Improvements: John Duke informed the board of ordering new anti-fatigue drainage mats for the floor in the swimming pool area for slippage. Cost incurred is under pool costs. John is approved to purchase what is needed up to $500.00.
    2. Pool opening began the week of 4/21/14.
  8. Entry Fountain Discussion:
    1. Moving the south fountain in the lake area around Isaac so it will eliminate the spraying on the buildings. John Duke will research a process to eliminate this from happening.
  9. Music in the park:
    1. Judy Hammond and John Duke will visit with the band (Jim) to find some dates that will work with schedules.
    2. Roper’s Pool Boys is the band’s name.
    3. Current available dates: Saturday, May 10; Saturday, June 14; and Saturday, July 12.
  10. Easter Egg Hunt:
    1. Huge success, over 80 children present.
  11. Jones Road Perimeter Fencing:
    1. John Duke researched and informed the board that North of Coyote Crossing is in POA but South of Coyote Crossing is private and owned by residents. John Cook was called and analyzed the fences. No tear out was involved but there were areas that needed to be fixed. Estimate to the POA of 1,000 square feet of fence line at a cost of $1,480.00. Tom Hensen moved that the board would have John Cook fix the fence line for the cost of $1,480.00, seconded by Jerry Martin. Motion passed 7-0. For the area that the residents own John Duke will contact the homeowners south of Coyote Crossing and let them know the estimate to fix there fence. John Cook would pass on the POA pricing to the residents if they would want to fix their fence at the same time.
  12. Covenant Violation:
    1. April violations: John Duke has 50 residents on his list that received letters, 20 have already complied.



  1. Draining of Ponds:
    1. John Duke informed the Board that the leaves in the ponds need to be removed. All Around would be in charge. Ralph Greshem has requested to be present with the ponds were drained.
  2. Scott’s Lime Application:
    1. No lawn treatment needed at this present time.


Committee Reports:

Architectural Review Committee (ARC) – presented by Tom Jefocat. 2 news homes have been approved and 1 landscaping. The old playground needs mulch.


Security and Neighborhood Watch – presented by Jamey Smithson. Security camera’s are in use within Har-Ber Meadows. People are fishing and not catching and releasing. There was a reported break-in at a house and they are looking into the details. Children are unattended walking around the ponds. Teenagers hanging out at the lake areas.


Lakes – presented by Ralph Gresham. Running through a dry time. Need to turn on circulation pumps so the lower lake doesn’t get low. Ralph Gresham motioned to purchase 20 carp for a cost of $200.00 that would be spread through-out the lakes in Har-Ber Meadows. Seconded by Rob Stark. Motion passed 7-0.


Landscape and Facilities– Cleanup dates have been set for the 2nd Saturday of each month starting at 8:30 AM with juice and doughnuts provided for those that help.


Long Range Planning Committee

  1. 56th Street – presented at the beginning of the meeting.
  2. Clubhouse Renovations – currently tabled until a further date.


Old Business Follow-Up:

Annual Meeting – has been scheduled for May 19, 2014.


Voting and Board authorizations via email: 3-25-14 to 4-28-14: None


With no further business, the meeting was adjourned at 8:14 PM.


Respectfully submitted this 23rd day of June, 2014.



Rob Fritz, President



Hope Feiner


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