Announcing Har-Ber Meadows New Website

Dear Residents,

My name is Robert Stark. I am a resident and currently a board member. It is my pleasure to announce our redesigned website for Har-Ber Meadows. We have been working hard on this for the past year and it has finally come to fruition. I would like to thank some of the contributors including Rob Fritts, Hope Feiner, John Duke, Matt Baker, Judy Hammond, Nancy Brown, Jason Combs and many others who have supported this project.

Residents & Businesses Please Register Now

Considering that this was such a big transition we are asking residents and businesses to re-register on the new website. You can go to the link below, or from the main website, click on the “Registration” tab.


The Goals for this Website.

This website along with our newly formed Communications Committee aim to provide Har-Ber Meadows residents with more timely and informative content and make that content easier to find.  Along with regular text search, we will be carefully tagging content so that issues can be retrieved more easily by categories, tags, and date.

Email Newsletter

In the past, we have mailed out semi-annual newsletters to keep residents informed of current community activities and news.  Moving forward, we would like to distribute this via email and make these newsletters available as online email archives. This would save the administration time and money. It would allow us to concentrate more on content and work in a more collaborative fashion online. If you subscribe to the email newsletter, you will receive emails concerning general news, upcoming events, community safety and security alerts, as well as lost and found notices.

Communications Committee

We are looking for people with good writing and editing skills. No special computer skills are required. We also appreciate any photos you might send us of the community for community events. Remember, this is all a voluntary commitment, so any help is appreciated. If you are interested in being a committee member, please email us at

Improved Website Design

Our website was designed to not only aesthetically look better, but to function better. We wanted there to be less obscure menus and better navigation and functionality.  We also designed it to work with other kinds of devices such as tablets, computers, and mobile phones. However, there is still much more work to do.  If you are experiencing a problem or have a suggestion, please see our website feedback page. Stay tuned for more updates such as paying dues online and online reservation system for our community resources (baseball field, pool house, Crumpacker pavillion).

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