Updated: 2022

The HAR-BER MEADOWS pool is for your use and enjoyment.  We need the cooperation of all residents to make the pool a fun, safe and sanitary facility for everyone.  Residents must advise children and their guests of the rules and safety precautions.  The following rules must be observed at all times.  The common areas are owned by the HAR-BER MEADOWS Property Owner’s Association, Inc.  They are available to POA members in good standing and their guests.

1.)  The pool hours are from 10:30 a.m. to 9:00 p.m. Monday through Friday and 9:00 a.m. to 9:00 p.m. Saturday and Sunday.

2.)   Residents will show the attendant on duty a photo ID upon arrival.  Residents and their guests will also be required to sign-in on the log sheet.  Residents must have a photo ID for entry.

3.)  Use of the pool facilities is at the resident or guests own risk and by use of the facility the user agrees to hold the HAR-BER MEADOWS POA harmless in regard to liabilities of any kind related to the use of the facility.

4.)  Proper swim wear is required.  Children in diapers must wear swim diapers.  Please give ample consideration to whether or not your child needs a swim diaper.  Any damages and costs caused to the pool by accidental contamination of the water will be the responsibility of the adult resident.

5.)  Pool attendants are not LIFEGUARDS.  Pool attendants, when present, have full authority and are responsible for the interpretation and enforcement of all rules.

6.)  The pool is for the exclusive use of residents and their invited guests.  A member resident who is eighteen (18) years of age or older must accompany guests at all times.  Resident children between the ages of 14 and 18 are permitted in the pool area without the presence of the resident parent, but are not permitted to bring guests unless accompanied by a resident parent.  Resident children must show a photo ID to enter the pool area.

7.)  Children under 14 years of age are not permitted in the pool area unless accompanied at all times by a resident parent, or by a caretaker (babysitter or swim instructor) who has been registered as such by the resident parent.  All babysitters and swim instructors must be registered with the Pool Managers in advance.  Forms are available online and must be on file prior to the day they will be entering the pool.  In addition, swim lessons must be approved by the pool manager and can only be scheduled from 10 a.m. – 11 a.m. or after 5 p.m.  The caretaker (babysitter/swim instructor) will be exempt from paying a guest fee provided management has received written notice from the resident properly identifying the caretaker.  No guests of the child or the sitter/swim instructor are allowed without the resident parent being present.

8.)  No running, roughhousing, general horseplay or disorderly conduct that will endanger the safety of others is allowed.  No diving, somersaults, back dives, cannon balls, preacher seats, can openers, or similar types of entries from the edge of the pool are permitted. 

9.)  Residents will work cooperatively with pool attendants in enforcing the rules for the safety and enjoyment of everyone.  Residents and their guests must refrain from any activity, which is either a nuisance to other guests, residents, or pool staff, or in any manner damages HER-BER MEADOWS POA property.

10.)  The pool manager or pool attendant may deny access to the pool at any time due to occupancy limits, weather, pool condition or if maintenance is required.

11.)  Trash containers are available for your trash.  Due to the large number of people visiting the pool, we request that larger trash items such as pizza boxes be taken home with you when you leave.  Please take a moment to pick up trash before you leave.  This ensures that the pool area stays clean and enjoyable for everyone.

12.)  Things/items not permitted in the pool complex:
                  smoking/vaping       pets/animals            firearms         glass         pellet guns   
                  bow & arrows          sling shots                 bikes               skates       skateboards

13.)  No golf carts should be parked on the grass or in front of the building.  They need to be parked in the parking area.  Bikes may be parked in the bike racks located at the front of the pool house. 

14.)  Residents are responsible for any damage they, their guests, or their children cause while using HAR-BER MEADOWS POA, Inc. facilities.

15.) Tenants who are renting their home from a POA member must have the owner email the occupant names to managementiiillc@cox.net well in advance of pool entry.

16.)  Each POA member household in good standing will receive 10 guest passes which can be used as payment of guest fees for the 1st 10 guests that a household brings to the pool.  Photo ID and signature are required to pick up guest passes.  You may not pick up passes for any other household.  Each guest entering the pool area will need a guest pass or will pay a fee.  After the guest passes are used, the resident will be required to pay $1 for each guest they bring to the pool at the time of entry.

17.)  Use of HAR-BER MEADOWS facilities can be denied to residents when the association fees or other overdue amounts remain unpaid.  Violations of these or other rules may result in (a) temporary revocation of pool privileges, (b) suspension of pool privileges, (c) fines or assessments, and/or (d) legal action against the violator.

18.)  At the discretion of the pool manager and as approved by the POA board, certain periods of the normal open swim hours may be set aside for special activities.  These activities will be open to all interested residents.  When scheduled, times for these activities will be posted.

Emergencies, complaints, concerns and compliments should be addressed to the pool manager at (479) 841-5612 or (479) 856-2285.

These rules are subject to change without prior notice by the HAR-BER MEADOWS POA BOARD OF DIRECTORS.

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