Our neighborhood is overseen by volunteer-led committees made up Har-Ber residents.

Architectural Review Committe

The Architectural Review Commitee (ARC) meets as necessary to review plans for all new construction, remodeling, landscaping or additions in both residential and commercial areas. All changes of these types must be approved by the ARC.

Landscape & Facilities Committee

Monitors common area grounds and facilities and contacts Property Manager about concerns within his purview. Reports to the Board of Directors and presents other problems or recommendations for Board action.

Security & Neighborhood Watch Comittee

Monitors criminal activity in the area, coordinates with police department, and provides safety information for residents.

Lakes Committee

Responsible for monitoring the health of our lakes and fish and working with the Arkansas Game and Fish Commission to maintain a balanced ecosystem.

Communications Committee

Provides support and information for residents including email newsletters, announcements, and the website.
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